Is It Worth Trying To Save Money On Servers?

Are you planning to initiate a blog or website in 2018? If yes, perhaps you’re confused about whether you should make a big investment on a web server or look for a cheap option. Well, there is already a big debate going on the same. However, there are many website owners who prefer cheap web hosting option to create cheap websites, especially when they are in the initial phase of their blogging career or online business.

In this post, we don’t want to get into any debate rather we would shed light on the advantages and disadvantages of a cheap web hosting so that you can know whether it is worth trying or not. But before that, let’s understand what a cheap web hosting is!

What Is A Cheap Web Hosting?

For anyone, who starts an online business the major concern is ‘how much will it cost?’ After all, putting all your budget into hosting a website will not be a smart choice. As you will require funds for the promotion of your online business and other tasks as well you may look for the cheaper option.

A cheap web hosting often comes with the limited resources but their plans are cheaper than that of VPS or dedicated web hosting that is usually out of the budget of small companies and startups.

Shared hosting is a well-known cheap web hosting option. In this type of hosting, multiple websites utilize a single server, share their resources and cost too. And for that reason, it is always an economical web hosting option.

Advantages of Affordable Web Hosting Servers

Cost Effectiveness

The most obvious advantage of choosing an affordable web hosting partner is cost-effectiveness. You might have heard a quote ‘a penny saved is a penny earned.’ Startups or small companies that can’t take the risk of investing a huge amount at the beginning of their career may find shared hosting an affordable option. However, with cheap web hosting sometimes, you may have to compromise on the performance (only when you are running a large database site) but it will help you save a lot of money.

Less Risk

Another advantage of going for a cheap web server is that you won’t lose much in case your project doesn’t work out as you planned. But if it goes well, you will make a good profit.

Good Option For Student & Learners

Students who want to learn web designing or development and test their codes will find cheap web hosting an affordable platform to enhance their skills. Without spending too much budget, they can become familiar with website design and development tools.

Helpful In Brand Promotion & Lead Generation

You can host your promotional blog or website on a cheap hosting server to promote your main website. Cheap websites are always useful in sharing promotion content over social platforms. It can help you in lead generation gaining search engine visibility.

Disadvantages Of Cheap Web Hosting Servers

Cheap web hosting comes with certain drawbacks such as slower load time, the overburden of other sites (in case of shared web hosting), limited disk space and bandwidth limit.

In addition to this, there are many cheap hosting providers that don’t give much attention to security and customer support. Therefore, it is advisable that you should choose a cheap web hosting carefully.

Below, we have put together a few features you should look for in a cheap web hosting provider

-Go for a hosting provider that offers a fast loading time on all their plans. There are many shared hosting providers that give equal load time regardless of the plan you choose.

-See what options (Phone support, Live Chat or Ticket support) you have to access the support team of your hosting provider.

-Look for the security option you have. Remember, an even a small company can become the target of hackers.

-Make sure you always have the option to upgrade your basic plan. In most cases, you will want to go for a premium plan as your blog will start growing.

Final Words

Is it worth trying to save money on servers? Our one-word answer would be YES. Especially, until you find your online business has surpassed the resources offered by a cheap hosting server.

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