Innovative Conference Table Designs That Will Wow Your Clients

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Oval or Racetrack

When considering business meeting furniture, rectangular conference tables are the classic shape people envision. They offer a powerful, elegant look that conveys your organization has a firm grip on success. They’re also a natural fit for formal meetings.

Racetrack conference tables resemble the shape of classic racing tracks and are available in lengths up to 12 feet. The elongated design offers plenty of room for brainstorming sessions and enables participants to collaborate while maintaining eye contact comfortably.

Boat-shaped conference table designs have flat table ends and typical corners but a gradually narrowing center region flaring out toward both ends to provide more surface area and loosely resemble the shape of a rowboat.  They offer some advantages of the racetrack and rectangular shapes and are a good choice for larger conference rooms that need to seat many people. You can browse virtual showrooms like Juniper Office to choose the perfect conference table for your space.

Modesty panels run underneath conference tables and desks to conceal, partially or fully, the under-desk area for privacy. They’re often crafted with wood veneers for a beautiful, classic wood furniture appearance and may feature a reeded trim component for vertical striped styling.


The conference room is where important business decisions are made, and big deals are negotiated. That’s why the conference table you choose for your space makes such an impact. Your table style tells prospective clients and partners that your company is a powerhouse that can take on the world and do it well.

Round or circular conference tables allow everyone to meet on equal footing, ideal for meetings where collaboration matters more than hierarchy. They’re also convenient for smaller meeting rooms where saving space is part of the goal.

The cut of your conference table is also essential to maximizing seating, as it’s where you can embed utilities and hide cables to each seat. You can even add personalized indentations for each seat at the table carved into the slab so your team feels at home.


The conference room is where the most important business decisions are made. Those decisions could impact everything from budgeting and hiring to organizational structure and client relationships. When choosing a new conference table for your office, it’s vital to consider how the table’s design will convey the company’s culture and attitudes toward collaboration with clients and potential partners.

The most common conference table shapes are rectangular or square. However, many other unique designs can be used to make a statement in the meeting room. Rectangular tables are versatile and available in various sizes to fit room configurations.

Other unique conference table shapes include boat-shaped, rounded rectangles and ellipses. These unique shapes allow for more visual access to the entire group, which promotes collaboration and creativity. Additionally, some of these unique conference tables offer power and data integration options to help modernize the look of your space.


Incorporating a leather conference table is one of the most luxurious ways to transform a conference room. Not only will it impress your guests, but it will also encourage a clean obstruction-free work surface for all participants. The leather conference tables are available in a variety of sizes and designs. Some even have built-in power module ports for easy access to data and videoconferencing needs.

A conference table is typically longer and wider than a cafeteria or dining room table. This allows the table to seat a greater number of people, as well as provide ample space for papers and important materials. Many modern conference tables have built-in power module ports in their center to distribute power to the entire table.

A modern office with a leather conference table can be a creative destination for team meetings, vendor consultations and group projects. Pairing the table with a sleek contemporary chair, like the Basyx Validate, can enhance its stylish aesthetic.


Your boardroom conference table is a focal point in your office that tells the story of your business. It’s where crucial decisions are made, and it conveys a lot about your company culture. Make sure you choose the right style to wow your clients.

Whether you want to convey power, confidence, collaboration and creativity, a modern conference table design will suit your needs. There are many shapes, styles and materials to choose from. Some of the most popular current meeting table designs include rectangular, oval and round. Rectangular tables are a classic design, perfect for formal meetings where you want to show your company is powerful and in control.

There are several unique wood conference table options to select from that will add a beautiful yet functional element to your meeting room. Some of these tables offer power and data modules that can be plugged into the bottom of the base to provide convenience for your team. You can also add a wire bucket, tray or trough cover that conceals the wires from view beneath the table surface.

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