Important Things To Remember Before And After Botox To Achieve That Optimal Result

Glam and charm. That’s what you’ll get after having a Botox treatment. Being known as a cosmetic drug for paralyzing muscles in reducing visible and unwanted wrinkles, Botox continues to be a blockbuster up to this day for most people due to its instant and long-lasting effect leading to a youthful and fresh look. When anti-aging creams don’t work, and other cosmetics don’t help, women start to think about getting Facelift surgery to make them look younger.

According to, in 2019, Botulinum Toxin (Botox) has been the most common non-surgical procedure performed in Thailand. More than 23,000 Thais have undergone such surgery. Coming next on the list is the Hyaluronic acid treatment, and next is the photo rejuvenation. With its proven safe and effective procedure, it’s not a surprise anymore that Thailand Botox injection has become a known trend.

However, like with any other therapy, you must know what to do before and after a Botox treatment. Ignoring such measures may prevent you from achieving the optimum result you’ve always desired. Good thing because in this blog, we’ll uncover what to do before entering and exiting the treatment to get the best Botox injection results you deserve.


1. Request consultations first. It is the most crucial step before beginning treatment to ensure that you have all of the requirements for such therapy under the supervision of a professional Botox practitioner. They must be aware of your medication status to avoid unwanted responses after treatment and do other health evaluations.

2. Possibilities for reactions. If the Botox is not injected correctly, there might be typical side effects such as headache and swelling; however, if the unwanted effects become permanent and worse, like drooping eyelids, better to find a reputable practitioner immediately. The complications are not reversible, and you must wait until the neurotoxin wears off.

3. Price range. Keep in mind that the cost of a Botox treatment varies based on the part to be treated and the grade of the Botox used. Include the licensed practitioner’s services as well.

4. Note that Botox is not permanent. Unlike other surgical treatments, Botox does not last long, and the results will show in three days and two weeks to get the full effect. It requires periodic visitation on such medical practitioners every three to six months. 

5. Inject marks aren’t that bad. Notice that Botox is administered using a fine needle, and specific procedures may result in bruising, redness, and swelling that lasts just a few hours after the treatment.

6. People in their 30s look youthful. Fine lines and wrinkles are the biggest enemies of those in their 30s and above. These can be eliminated with the aid of the Botox procedure, which relaxes the muscles around such troublesome regions. A regular visit to trustworthy injectors is strongly advised to get the desired results.

7. It isn’t just about the wrinkles. Botox was initially developed to treat muscular spasms, migraines, excessive sweating, and depression, and it was just recently found to treat noticeable fine wrinkles. You not only obtain the desired attractiveness, but you also gain health advantages for your overall well-being.


1. No touching of the face. It is natural for a look to experience pain. A small amount of rubbing is acceptable, but try to avoid it for as long as possible. Your skin is still healing and should be left alone for a while.

2. Resist the urge to cleanse your face. Although this is a healthy and hygienic habit to follow, washing the face should not be done immediately after the Botox treatment. To achieve the optimal effect, avoid using moisturizers as well.

While Botox treatments are a prevalent choice for those seeking a solution to visual signs of aging, maintaining optimal results also depends significantly on adopting a diligent skincare regimen post-procedure. It’s vital to nourish and pamper your skin with high-quality products to complement and prolong the effects of any aesthetic treatments.

For those exploring supportive skincare, especially for the delicate eye area which is often a focal point for Botox treatments, go to this website to explore Honest & Pure’s nurturing eye cream. Crafted with precision and a keen focus on using wholesome, natural ingredients, this eye cream can be a gentle yet potent ally in maintaining the youthful, refreshed appearance achieved with Botox.

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