The Importance Of Practicing Safe Driving

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Driving can be a lot of fun, going out for a Sunday drive with the family on a sunny day, or cruising along a lonely road in the moonlight with the windows down and the radio playing. There’s a certain joy in the fact that you can go so much faster and further in an automobile than you can on foot, and with little physical effort. Unfortunately, driving can also be dangerous. In the year 2022, there were 1,194 road crash deaths on Australian roads, an increase of 5.8 percent from 2021.

Every time we venture out on the road we are taking a chance, possibly even a fatal one, although most accidents end up in injuries ranging from incidental to serious. Because of the potential for trouble, it’s vital that drivers have proper insurance, both for their vehicle and personal, like single health coverage that includes ambulance service. If disaster strikes, you want to be ready!

We have made the situation sound dire because it certainly can be, but practicing safe driving habits will go a long way to prevent such a tragedy, so here is some advice from the people who know best, those who serve in law enforcement:

Buckle up! Make sure you and your passengers are properly buckled in. This is without a doubt the single most important thing you can do to protect your life and the lives of your loved ones if you are ever involved in a motor vehicle crash. If you are transporting small children, you must have the proper safety car seats in place. The old story goes that the veteran officer told the driving students “I’ve never cut a dead man out of a seatbelt.” -We rate that one true!

Never drive whilst impaired. If driving, you must avoid alcohol and any drugs or medications that warn against operating motor vehicles, they mean what they say!  Always assign a designated driver, and if need be, leave the car behind and get a ride home from someone who is sober.

Drive attentively. Paying attention is such an obvious must we shouldn’t even have to mention it, but unfortunately too many people don’t heed this common-sense advice! All drivers should avoid the three most common driving distractions:  cell phones, music players, and coffee.

Drive defensively. Aggressive drivers taking unnecessary risks are the people most likely to cause crashes. In the event that you witness someone driving dangerously, for example tailgating you, or cutting you off, it’s important that you don’t retaliate. Just pull over in a safe spot, let the tailgater pass by, and resist the urge to give the rude driver a certain hand salute and shout out a curse that is likely to just lead to more trouble and danger for all involved! Instead, take down their license plate and report them to the police.

Share the Road. Look out for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and commercial transport.

Take a moment to review Australia’s road rules. Drive safe!

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