How Using Pleasure Toys Can Enhance Women’s Mental Health?

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Here are the Best Sex Toys to Start With.

Do you want to take pleasure in your own hands? This is something most women ponder about. Regardless if you are in an intimate relationship or single and ready to mingle using sex toys can enhance women’s mental health! 

There are so many toys for women on the market readily available for you. I can understand if you have some issues picking a toy that can be perfect for you and your needs. A quick visit to your local or closet online sex toy store, adult toy store, cupidboutique would allow you to check out the toys and develop a more informative understanding of it is you want from that toy(s).

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Why Would Women want to use Sex Toys?

Regardless if you are in a relationship or flying solo there is nothing wrong with indulging in self or shared pleasure that caters to your needs. There are many benefits to using female sex toys now that it is not considered a taboo. A few benefits can include; relief of stress, all over feel good body massages, boost libido and boost self-confidence.  The best part? Using Vibrating sex toys can actually provide some of the brain-stimulating benefits such as exercise. Vibrations are known to affect our moods too. Vibrations make us feel at ease, they say that heart beat like vibrations can make us feel less stressed.  Some luxury vibrators on the market have a heartbeat setting for this purpose. 

What Sex Toys do Women Like?

I actually find this question comes up a lot in daily discussions. So allow me to let you in on this hot topic. What Sex Toys Do Women Like?


Vibrators are used due to the high vibration frequencies that a human being cannot give. These high performance female sex toys are a great way to awaken, excite and decompress. Some vibrators only have one setting which is only one vibration speed. This is usually great for beginners. However, there are more advanced vibrators available for those who seek the thrill of multi-purpose toys that can exhaust any part of the body. Rabbit Vibrators allow her to stimulate both internal and external hot spots for dual stimulation pleasure. Wand Massagers help with all over body aches and pains but also stimulates pleasure when the mood hits. Panty vibrators are a great way to discreetly play when no one is looking. Being hands-free and in a discreet place gives you bonus points with pleasure. 


With Clitoral or Nipple Pumps women can get that soothing feeling without stimulation from a partner. These handy female toys come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have one feature the same. Giving you pleasure. How they work is that you can attach a cup with hoses to your nipples or clitoris and once activated they slowly milk or pump the area to make it swell and fill the area with blood flow that in turn helps stimulate blood flow in the area and keep them both erect and sensitivity ready.  Pumps work exceptionally well prior to sexual play as they enhance sensations in those areas. 


There are a few types of dildos on the market so it is best to find out which one would be more appropriate for you. There are different lengths, girths and materials that are to be considered. Let’s say you like to get down and dirty but forget to clean your toys after the fun? Although the best practice for this is always clean before and after uses. There are sometimes exceptions. With a glass or silicone dildo you don’t have to clean right after, but be sure to clean before next use. Now that I have made that clear, why would women want to use a dildo as a sex toy? Well for starters it is the closest thing to the real counterpart. And the fact that there are some ultra-realistic dildos available some women may have a fantasy about a certain celebrity or porn star and would like to act that out. Others may find using a large sized dildo can increase their self-confidence, or they can get better at pleasuring a larger member. Don’t forget that dildos also come in glass! Glass is the cleanest and smoothest material known in the sex toy industry. It doesn’t have to be strictly used for penetration; it’s great for massages and clitoral stimulation too. There are many great places to buy dildos, so take some time to look for the perfect one.

Air Pressure Stimulators: 

Vibrations in any form can be great for your mental and physical well-being. This is because we send and receive vibrations as humans. This allows us to think, feel and control our surroundings. Air pressure stimulators can do all that too! With air pressure toys they act similar to pumps, they use circulated air as a part of the stimulation. Using one of these female pleasure toys will allow you to use sensations you normally don’t tune into during sexual pleasure. An air pulse vibrator uses air to push in and out to stimulate the clitoris/nipples. It sounds like it’s breathing calmly which stimulates your brain to do the same. On top of that the soft clitoral nubs send air and vibration speeds directly to the clitoris and area which allows the central nervous system to relax as it is directly associated with the clitoris. You can take it one step further and add vibrations to the mix for an extremely exhilarating experience. 

Anal Stimulators:

When using anal toys try to remember it’s a game of pleasure, pain and control. If you were to choose something as a beginner I would suggest beads or small plugs until you get used to the sensation. As you get used to the pleasure, you can try other butt plugs, like the fox tail butt plug.

Using anal toys as a part of pleasure is not required, I am simply adding this as another route to providing yourself with the ultimate pleasure you might enjoy more than the others mentioned.

Anal pleasure allows us to indulge in a play that helps with emotional connections. It awakens us and helps us understand there are pleasure spots hidden there too. Just like vaginal orgasms when participating in anal pleasure it can create mind blowing orgasms and exhausted endings. 

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Feature photo by Dainis Graveris on SexualAlpha.

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