How To Write A Self-Appraisal?

Writing a self-appraisal means doing your self-evaluation. We generally judge many people in our life but have you ever thought of judging yourself? Self-appraisal is a way of mentioning your strength, weakness, achievements, etc. Writing a self-appraisal could help you make your life easier and also allow you to establish a good reputation in the eyes of your manager, HR, etc.

Writing a self-appraisal could be a difficult task for many people. In this article, I’ll be listing some of the tips to write a self-appraisal. Some of the tips are

  1. Highlight your accomplishments.
  2. Gather data to showcase your achievements.
  3. Align yourself with the company.
  4. Reflect objectively on any mistakes.
  5. Set goals

1. Highlight your accomplishments- This is one of the best ways of writing your self-appraisal. Accomplishments make you happy and boost your confidence level. Whenever you think of writing the self-appraisal, always start by enlisting all the achievements you have made in the year. Whether it’s a significant achievement or a small achievement, mention them. Some people keep a record of their accomplishments, so they can use it while writing a self-appraisal. If you don’t have a record, then use your brain. Yes! Pause for some time and try to remember things. As you will remember, things start enlisting one by one. Do not forget to show your skills, ethics, values through the work you mentioned. 

2. Gather data to showcase your achievements-  To write a self-appraisal, you need to know that you have some achievements that you need to showcase anyhow. For that, gather all the data, facts, and figures related to it. If you don’t have relevant data, you need to focus on past one-year achievements. It could be anything, for example- the number of projects you have completed, the number of clients you have banged, the total number of products you have sold. You can also compare your previous achievements with the present achievements in terms of percentage, numbers, etc. 

3. Align yourself with the company- When you write your self-appraisal, you need to show what kind of benefits your company got from you. What was your role in your company’s achievement and progress? Enlisting these things will help you know much about your dedication to your work and the hard work you put in. Try to address how your thoughts and opinions helped your team achieve the particular target. It will help make your identity in front of your other co-workers, team leads, supervisor, HR, etc.

4. Reflect objectively on challenges-  In your working career, there may be ups and downs. While writing a self-appraisal, it is essential to showcase your achievements and things you learn from the downfall. You don’t need to mention the mistakes which you have committed. Instead, lay down the things you have learned from your mistakes and how you will use that to better your company. Never feel shy to talk about the hurdles you have encountered or your mistakes as they are part of work. But! Learn to showcase it in other or positive ways. 

5. Set goals- Set a goal for yourself and decide your strategies. How you are going to move, what steps you are going to achieve your target. Mention your plans related to your current post. Do not write imaginary and impossible things. Always mention realistic and achievable goals. If you have targeted to increase your sales, cite the strategies you have planned to achieve your goals.

Final Words

Writing a self-appraisal is not that difficult if you follow the right strategies. Nowadays, people are learning many tricks with the help of apps that use software like LMS

LMS full form is Learning Management System. For a better idea for self-appraisal, you can refer to the tips mentioned above. 

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