How To Reach Blocked Websites Using Proxy

While the modern era is usually called an era of accessible information due to the multibillion global community on the Internet, some websites are still blocked due to the content or location. This is why it is important to have a proxy on your computer. Proxy server fixes this injustice and offers you access to any blocked website you want. You can use a proxy for YouTube or get to the locally restricted library.

Details on Proxy

A proxy server is a mediator between the website you want to reach and you. It stands in between the signal you send and the information you receive. The user connects the proxy in the first place, receives fake IP, and continues to search for the information, keeping anonymity.

The website does not know for sure who entered it. You get to choose the IP of any country you need to reach the website and the website only gets this information. If your real IP is blocked, the fake one you receive from the proxy is clean and can be used to access the website. You stay hidden from any hackers or government officials as well. No one can see you.

How to Use Proxy

No matter the reasons you have for using a proxy, make sure that it is reliable and includes all the features you want. There are lots of free proxies, but they don’t offer the same features as paid ones. Paid proxies usually have different plans so you can choose one for your business. This is how you can start using proxy:

  • Understand the concept of proxy. You may have received the basic knowledge above, but you also need to find out the most suitable plan for you. It may be to gather information on your market competitors or get access to the information restricted in your country;
  • There are several types of proxies, and you need to learn them all. You may need a transparent proxy, anonymous proxy, or distorting proxy;
  • Pick one proxy from the giant market, considering the features it offers. Pay for it and download it on your computer. Make sure your proxy is not blocked by any company you work with in advance;
  • Find the IP address you want to use from the list of offers. Your proxy provider will give you the choice of countries you can try and suggest the most secure or reliable IP address. They can also suggest you the so-called “Best choice” with the highest speed or reliability;
  • Activate your proxy. Enter the website you need. Once you finish, you can turn off the proxy too.

Proxy for Blocked Sites

Proxy is the best option to enter blocked websites since it works fast and does not require anything particular from you. You don’t need to learn something extra to be able to use a proxy. Once you install it, you receive access to the websites you need and build a firewall between your computer and the Internet. 

If you have tried proxy before, share your thoughts about its work in the comments. Was it helpful? Did you reach the websites you wanted?

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