How To Pass The Time During The Corona Crisis

At some point even the most exciting streaming offer gets bored, all seasons of the favorite series have been watched, all blockbusters ticked off. So what do you do when the usual hobbies like team sports cease and you can no longer meet up? We have put together a variety of ways to pass the time.

What to do about boredom?

Learning something new

SUP stand-up paddle with contactless rental

Nature – from home

Get creative

Clear ship

Many creative minds are currently developing digital entertainment formats apart from the major streaming services such as Netflix and Co. There are also numerous Bremen ideas among them – we are presenting a selection.

Learning something new

Since many regular appointments are no longer available, you can use the time to establish other routines – and maybe learn something completely new. This gives structure to the day, and the brain also gets to do something challenging.

How about a great game of blackjack? Did you know Blackjack is not a game of chance but pure math? Several us online casinos are offering this game yet it can be learned like a charm when knowing about its secrets. Or if that’s not quite your style you can find some awesome Sydney pottery classes. Who knows, if you get good at it you might even see profits during this testing time.


The largest universities now have a number of online courses in their program. And websites have put together a large overview under the motto “Science At Home”, where researchers large and small can learn interesting things. These include museums, the Alfred Wegener Institute, the University of Bremen, and many more.

There are numerous online options for taking courses in various areas, for example:

Needlework such as sewing, crocheting and knitting – can also be used to make masks

Languages (via software or app, practice through language tandems)

Relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation

Juggling – also very good brain training

Making music (guitar: yousician , English speaking; piano: Skoove ; drums: OpenMusicSchool etc.)

Photography and image editing

Cooking and baking – video instructions can also be found here

SUP stand-up paddle with contactless rental

The sun lures to the water. It’s a good thing that Ins Blaue offers contactless rental of boards for stand-up paddling on the Werdersee. After consultation with the responsible authority, this is possible subject to conditions. A prerequisite is, for example, that all participants adhere to the general rules of conduct (no groups, keep your distance).

If you want to borrow a board, make an appointment by phone on 01 57-71 41 21 70. The payment of 20 euros for two hours is made by bank transfer or Paypal. At the agreed time, the board can be picked up at the SUP station on Werdersee without contact.

The existence of the corona crisis threatens traders. In addition to online shops, many rely on voucher campaigns. You will now receive further help – via the WeserVoucher portal. Here everyone can buy vouchers to help their favorite local shops.

Nature – from home

Watching animals, doing handicrafts, or doing research around nature – this is also possible during the Corona pandemic.

Walks and bike rides are still allowed for individuals, groups of two, and members of the household. But it’s not always the time to take a trip – for example at the home office. And of course, not everyone wants to plan tours or hikes over several hours. You don’t have to do without nature from home.

Watching animals:

This can also be done from the window, for example, and is even possible in the middle of the city – preferably with binoculars. Children can play with animals “I see something you don’t see”, the German Wildlife Foundation suggests. The association has also created a “bird watch” especially for birds. You can use this to check and hear which kinds of songs are playing at what time.

Spring research competition

The Naturschutzbund Bremen (NABU) has launched a spring research competition. Children up to the age of 13 are invited to accept the research assignments that are placed online and regularly updated. But it is also possible to submit your own ideas such as photo books or handicrafts. There are various prizes to be won. The closing date for entries is May 31st. NABU also has a digital offer for children. On NAJU, the little ones can discover nature, start experiments, and learn something in an entertaining way. The BUND Bremen also has an online project for children: nature against boredom.

Crafts for nature

Nesting boxes, birdbaths, insect hotels – much that helps animals can be made at home. The results can then be used on the balcony, in the garden or allotment. What is the best way to start an adventure from your sofa at home, to dive into foreign worlds without Covid-19? With a book, of course. We present five books from Bremen and the surrounding area. Because even if the local bookstores are closed: online orders are still possible.

Get Creative

Many children in Bremen paint rainbows under the hashtag #corona rainbow and stick them in windows. This shows that they support society and stay at home. If you want to participate in the visible solidarity, you can try the coloring page of, for example. On their handicraft ideas page, you will also find coloring pages with Bremen motifs such as the town musicians.

Under the title #colourthecurve, Kerstin Emde, artist and head of the Bremen label Emtisomethings, provides one of her motifs for coloring every day. Interested parties can download the template on their homepage, on Instagram and Facebook.

The Bremen Philharmonic has musical handicrafts in its program: “The music workshop tinkers” brings out ideas for children to build instruments twice a week.

A nice digital variant of Monday painter is You can create a private group and then paint predetermined terms on your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The guessers enter their guesses in a chat window and can earn different points depending on the time. It’s not only great fun for children. has created a list on the topic of “Do it yourself”. There you will find inspiration from the areas of tailoring, sewing, knitting, and pottery as well as dates for courses, workshops, and digital exhibitions. The city of Bremen has also drawn up an interesting list: “Digital cultural offers in Bremen – culture for at home”.

The corona pandemic not only binds people to their own homes in Bremen. Exactly the right time to try out a few exciting board games. In our Top 5, two classics from Bremen are at the top of the favor of players.

Clear ship

If you spend a lot of time at home, you may be bothered by one or the other messy spot that should have been cleaned up for years. This can be the study, the garage, the basement, the balcony, etc. Computers or hard drives can also be arranged and pictures sorted – and maybe even immediately converted into photo books. Now there are no excuses: get into chaos!

To clean up, clear out, and mucking it needs ideally a plan. You shouldn’t set too many goals at once, but set realistic goals. One room a day can be enough – after all, it is often only when you clean up that you notice problems that were not noticed before.

There are three steps to order. First: tidying up things that are not or are not in their usual place. Second: the mucking out of things that are actually no longer needed. Third, prevent future chaos. Everyone knows the places in his home where things get messy as if by magic. It makes sense to think about new structures. Magazines are always scattered on the living room table? A newspaper rack gathers them all in one place. Clothing piling up on a chair in the bedroom? A mute servant offers less space and therefore forces you to tidy up every day. If the former chaos magnets are defused, you should still check them regularly – throw away old magazines or the like.

Get rid of sorted out items

Here you have to differentiate between rubbish and things that someone may still need. The latter can currently be sold, for example, through local portals, such as eBay classified ads. Since the post is sometimes overloaded by an extremely high parcel volume, (contactless) handovers on-site are preferable. In this way, objects can also find new owners via gift groups such as

When disposing of things that do not belong in the household waste, the following must be observed: Bremer Stadtreinigung urges you to avoid unnecessary deliveries to the recycling stations. In addition, no new dates for bulky waste are currently being allocated. So if you want to clear out your garage, you should first think about where you can store the garbage until the bottlenecks caused by corona have eased.

The schools and day-care centers are closed, the people of Bremen are requested to stay at home because of the corona pandemic. Many children want to be employed now. How about a good book, for example, to stimulate the imagination? We present some of the most beautiful children’s and youth books from Bremen.

Some providers are currently luring with special discounts and special offers

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