How to Make Money on YouTube as a Still Life Artist

still life art of bottles and fruit
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There is a stereotype that making good money being an artist isn’t possible, especially a still life artist. At least not while you’re alive; this adage was an unfortunate fact in the days of Vincent Van Gogh and Johannes Vermeer, but not in today’s digital era, where building followers and customers is straightforward and realistic.

You can attract an audience that loves art by being an artist. And when the right audience finds your work, earning good money isn’t far behind. This blog highlights five tips that you can use to sell your still-life art on Youtube.

6 Tips To Make Good Money With Your Art

1.    Get Visible Online:

The first tip for posting online is to publish high-quality content. An explicit video makes people hooked. Also, post a video made with a clean background and natural lighting. Your art style might be unique, but your videography must also be. With a beautiful video post, write a complementing caption. It could be in a storytelling format or just a catchy one-liner. Just make sure you add it.

2.    Sell Your Art:

YouTube is a platform where you can sell your colorful abstract painting quickly. With this digital platform, you can connect to buy worldwide. The more popular you become, the higher the demand for your art. You can make long-form content showcasing your art and explaining your painting. You can also try the short-form range popularly known as shorts. You can post a transition video and upload it on YouTube shorts and Instagram reels.

3.    Post Tutorials:

Posting art tutorials is the best way to gain more views. People can admire your artwork and try making the same look at your painting tutorials. Art audience likes to look at colorful abstract painting that they can drive. This can be an indirect way of teaching people to paint and the most effective one. People can pause, go back, understand, and even comment below to give their reviews about the art.

4.    Conduct Workshops:

Once you have gaged the audience on your YouTube, getting students for the workshop will be easy. All you have to do is post about it on the youtube community, or you can even make a short video about it. Give more details in the description section, along with your contact details. You can also complete a Google form and ask the interested ones to fill it out. This way, you get their details and the number of students interested.

5.    Maintain Consistency:

Even though you have unique colorful abstract art and post beautiful videos, it will not help you grow on YouTube if you don’t post regularly. The key to digital media is being consistent. So plan your content well in advance. You can make content calendars and fix shoot & post days so that you don’t miss out on posting.

6.    Merchandise:

The best way to make your colorful abstract art seen is by merchandising. The world is your canvas, don’t stick to mere paper. You can print your art on ceramics, vegetable tote bags, kitchen accessories like aprons, etc. You can also merchandise diaries, journals, phone cases, gift boxes, etc. You can use a print-on-demand or drop shipping service. You can post and sell these products on YouTube and give your audience a vari.


You can connect with clients related to your niche through YouTube or other social media apps willing to offer you grants for artists. You can work for them while posting about your work on your channel. So, remember to set reminders for your posting and keep creating fascinating art pieces.

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