How To Get Started With Lord Of The Rings: Rise To War

Lord of the Rings: Rise to War is a free-to-play MMO that allows users to experience the epic plot of Tolkien’s iconic novels and films. The game was just recently published on PC, but it has already sparked a lot of interest among players. This blog post is for you if you’re one of those folks who aren’t sure how to get started with the game. We’ll go over some of the fundamentals of Lord of the Rings: Rise to War and offer you some pointers on how to succeed. So keep reading and be ready to go on an adventure.

Understanding Lord Of The Rings: Rise To War

This game is based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, which was directed by Peter Jackson. The game is divided into three sections: prelude, fellowship, and the War of the Ring. Players will perform objectives that will advance the plot in each stage.

To begin playing Lords Of The Rings: Rise To War, you must first register on their website. After that, you may choose your faction (Gondor or Rohan), race, and appearance for your character. After that, you’re all set to play. Furthermore, the game is available for download and play on PC for free, so there’s no excuse not to give it a shot.

How To Play Lords Of The Rings: Rise To War

It’s time to learn the basics of how to play the game now that you’ve made your account and chosen your character. Players have two sorts of talents in Lord of the Rings: Rise to War: skills and characteristics. Traits indicate a character’s intrinsic qualities and are employed in battle or for other reasons such as acquiring resources (ex: strength, wisdom). By opening the menu in the top left corner of the screen, you may access your talents and attributes. There are four main buttons in this menu: Battle, Build, Quest, Social. Furthermore, you can always go to for a more accurate and comprehensive guide on this game.

Choose Your Faction – Elves, Dwarves, Or Humans

In Lord of the Rings, your faction is crucial: It’s important to Rise to War since it decides the type of player you are. Each side has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so choose the one that best fits your playstyle.

You must select one of three factions to fight for when you begin the game: Elves, Dwarves, or Orcs. Each group has unique abilities that help them win battles. Dwarves, for example, have a talent that strengthens their armour and makes them more difficult to kill, whilst Elves have the ability to disguise themselves and become invisible to the adversary. The orcs, on the other hand, may spew acid at their opponents from afar. The races you can play as are also determined by your faction. So, before you make your final selection, learn more about each group and race so you can make an educated conclusion.

Learn The Controls

The controls in Lord of the Rings: Rise to War are straightforward and simple to pick up. In general, WASD controls movement, while the mouse controls gazing and striking. There are a few more keyboard shortcuts you should be aware of.

Tab rotates between open windows, while Escape brings up the in-game menu (e.g., inventory and talent tree). You may also swiftly equip different weapons by using the number keys one through six, and rotate your character by holding Shift while using the mouse. Last but not least, you may employ the left-click and right-click buttons as attack and block buttons alternately. Experiment with various control systems until you discover one that suits your needs.

Host Your Own Battle – Choose Your Opponents And Map

You may host your personal battles with people online in addition to battling for your chosen group. This is a fantastic method to put your talents to the test and see how well you stack up against other competitors. When hosting a combat, you have the option of selecting your opponents as well as the map to be utilised. You also have the option of determining the match’s regulations. This might include things like the number of players permitted, the kind of troops that can be employed, and so on. It’s a terrific method to improve your skills and strategies to host your own combat. It’s also a huge amount of fun to compare yourself to others online. So give it a shot and watch who emerges victorious.

You Will Need To Complete Quests

Quests must be completed in order to proceed through the game. Quests may be found in a variety of locations, including your faction’s fortress and the world map. You can see which missions are presently accessible by looking at the quest tracker at the bottom of your screen. It’ll also tell you how many of each quest type you’ve finished.

In Lord of the Rings: Rise to War, there are three categories of quests: battle, crafting, and gathering. You will be rewarded with experience points (XP), gold, and goods if you complete these tasks. Completing daily tasks will also win you gifts. These missions can be done numerous times each day and are offered once per day.

You Can Play As Characters From The Movies

One of the most appealing aspects of Lord of the Rings: Rise to War is the ability to play as some of your beloved cinematic characters. There are more than 40 available heroes, so there’s something for everyone. Each hero has a special ability that you may deploy in combat. You will get a strategic advantage over your opponents as a result of this.

Join A Clan Or Create Your Own To Get More Involved In The Community

The community is one of the finest features of Lord of the Rings: Rise to War. There are a variety of methods to join involved, with clans being one of the most popular. Clans provide a unique sense of friendship and cooperation that cannot be found anywhere else. You can always start your own clan if you don’t want to join one that already exists. This will enable you to form bonds with other gamers who share your passions.


To recapitulate, Lord of the Rings: Rise to War is a fantastic game that caters to a wide range of players. If you’re just getting started, make sure to pay attention to these pointers.

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