How Stair Lift Technology Works

Have you heard about the platform lifts lately? Wondering who can benefit from these lifts and how to get the best out of them? This post is for you then, as it covers all that is necessary about the topic.

The stair lift technology has for no doubt revolutionized the trend of motion for the disabled and today, there are not only thousands but millions of people who are using these lifts every day and making their lives more comfortable and more connected. The State of the art domestic stairlift has proven to be a wonderful solution not only to move people up and down the staircase inside the house but it can also carry things and goods that need transportation.

The platform stair lifts, in this case, are used typically for moving wheelchairs easily across the whole building and along with that they can lift heavy materials too. However, you have to be very careful about the weight limit of the lift that it should not exceed a specific limit, else it could get broken.

Wondering how these lifts actually work?

Let us take you to a tour around the working and motion of the chairlifts. We hope you like what you read.

There are three major components based on which the stair lifts work. These three components are as follows.

· Motor

If you haven’t till now given a thought to the working of the stair lift, now you will have to think about it if you soon are going to get it installed in the house. The motor of the lift is the major part of the lift and most of the times it is placed at the bottom of the lift to help upwards and downwards motion. Without a motor, there is no chance for the lift to move.

· Gear

Gear is the thing that is controlled by the motor and to move the lift in some direction you have to make use of the gear. In some lifts, you will find the gear above the platform while in the others the gear is controlled by the buttons or a remote controller.

· Battery

Of course, the motion of the lift and the working of the motor is not possible without the power and the power to the lift is provided via a battery source. If you purchase the high-quality battery for the comfort and better performance of the lift, you could stay happy with the results as it is not needed to be replaced very often.

These are the major and typical components of a stair lift but there are several others and they can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer or from product to product. These include the remote controller for the stair lift, seatbelt for the safety of the person, variation in the seat of the lift, footrests, and armrests, cushions to comfort you and several other such amazing features. The price would of course change with the change in the features.

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