Here’s How Smartphones Have Disrupted Gaming And Gambling Industry

There is no doubt that online gambling was barely a glitch on the radar several decades ago. However, in the last several years, consumers’ investment of time and money on mobile casino games has raised significantly thanks to a lot of factors, including technological advancements. Smartphones have played an important role in this.

If you walk in into a casino, you would mostly see middle-aged men, hunched over slot machines or otherwise absorbed into the dark limbo characteristic of such establishments. Young people don’t visit casinos. But they do gamble on their phones and laptops. This is a normal shift in consumer habits, leading to the transformation of gambling industry which is ever-evolving, as new technology brings new opportunities. For instance, crypto-currency allows for a more transparent and hassle-free payment method which will surely bring easier deposits and withdraws for players.

Nonetheless, optimizing casino games for mobile has disrupted online gambling the most in the previous years. Market leaders and operators such as Betsafe Canada have recognized this trend on time and invested heavily in their online products, capitalizing on the popularity of smartphones and accessibility of online casinos and games similar to Extra Chilli.

Key advantages of mobile platforms

Mobile platforms made many things possible, bringing new momentum to the global market, and not only from a technological standpoint. When it comes to the gambling industry, it has always been an early adopter of new technologies. The main reasons for mobile casino gaming taking off are access and convenience. 

One of the key advantages of using mobile platforms is that users can engage with your product wherever they are, and any time they desire. No matter if they are in their home or on the way to work, their smartphone is always with them. With that in mind, some consumer habits have changed and evolved. As a result, most mobile games players today prefer to play games in quick short bursts rather than one long session. 

What’s more, access and selection are another reason how smartphones have transformed online gambling. A lot of online casino apps today feature an array of different games. This makes it harder for players to experience boredom, even though most slot games for example work in a similar matter. 

Record-breaking growth continues

The ever-growing usage of smartphones and mobile applications have revolutionized the gaming industry at a blinding rate over the last ten years. One could argue smartphones have added a new dimension to online gaming, bringing convenience and accessibility to an industry that was once limited to land-based establishments. Making it possible for a whole industry to break away from traditional boundaries, allowed for the global mobile gaming sector to develop at a much quicker rate of 60% between 2018 and 2023. This growth will surely continue, as more and more countries are finally starting to regulate online gambling, which leaves more money and energy for operators to focus on gameplay and user experience.

Big investments show mobile gaming industry is a serious business

At the start of 2020, the global gaming market (including online gambling industry) is estimated to be worth $152 billion, where 45% of that number is coming from mobile games. Large developers like Tencent have already made substantial investments in the industry. Tencent alone invested over $200 million in Pocket Gems and Glu Mobile combined, another giant, Supercell, invested $5 million in Redemption Games, while most recently, Ubisoft acquired a 70% stake in Green Panda Games, allowing them to penetrate into the lucrative hyper-casual gaming market. The list goes on. 

The growing interest in the mobile gaming industry is indicative of the massive growth and revenue this industry offers thanks to a substantial reach. After all, do you know anyone who doesn’t have at least one smartphone?

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