Have Some Crème Brulee With Frenzy Cooking Games Of 2021

Here I was sitting on my couch, binge-watching the Great British Bake Off. My eyes twinkled and I saw Mel and Sue round up all the delicious items. I could feel my taste buds yearning for all the scrumptious foods and pastries. If only I knew how to cook!

Cooking restaurant games need practice, they say. But who on earth has the time and money to invest in a skill that you aren’t even sure you can master? It is not easy earning money, and there is no way I am wasting it all on these needless expenses – at least not until I know how to properly cook.

However, that is the actual dilemma. To cook, I must learn, and to learn, I must cook. Well, not exactly. You see, eating takeout has also been costing me so much money. This is why an end must be put to this reckless behavior. And regarding the money, I have a solution that would satisfy all my needs!

The Great New Cooking Game

There is this great cooking game, Cooking Crush. Kitchen games allow the player to enter a virtual culinary experience where they will be eye to eye with hungry customers as they run a whole restaurant head-on.

Rock That Spatula

● Cooking Crush allows its players a fair chance to work on not just one but 11 different restaurants. Every restaurant has a separate theme. They also differ in their menus. Staring from the very basic, Crème Café, the player makes their way through all the restaurants in Heartopia. Other restaurants include:

1. Dream Deli

2. Salty Taverna

3. Party Parlor

4. Rockin’ Diner

5. Crazy Cantina

6. Donut Den

7. Tandoori Treasure

8. Perfect Pie

9. Cake Corner, and brand new

10. Canadian Restaurant

● These are 11 restaurants in total. Previously, there were 10. Canadian Restaurant is the latest to be added to Cooking Crush.

● All the 11 restaurants have a customizable design so you can change the look of your restaurant whenever you please.

Cook Whenever You Want, Wherever You Want

● Cooking Crush is an offline game. You do not need Wi-Fi or an internet connection to play it. Unlike other games, Cooking Crush will not drain your data. Play to your heart’s content as you explore the wonderful world of Cooking Crush.

● The game makers have been working on this project for a while. Flowmotion, the company that published Cooking Crush, has a record of releasing good quality cooking games, and Cooking Crush is no exception.

● The game offers more than 1050+ levels so the player can seamlessly learn cooking skills without interruption for hours on end.

● Flowmotion keeps updating the game with consistency. So, you will surely have even more levels to play in this game.

● The game makers are always looking for ways to make improvements. Any feedback you give will be taken into consideration and they will respond in due time. That was the best part for me!

Daily Happiness Challenges

● The hustle and bustle of this humdrum life can leave one feeling empty and sad inside. Our schedules demand so much from us. At the end of the day, we are left with unachievable deadlines and monotony. This can deteriorate our mental health little by little.

● Flowmotion has introduced Daily Happiness Challenges to help their players meditate in real life. This initiative was taken by co-founders of Flowmotion, Dario Pavan, and Ryan Yada in hopes that it would help many stay happy.

Donate Food To Hungry Children

Many children in the world do not have access to fresh and healthy food. This is unfair and the problem can be solved by compassion and care. This is why, Dario Pavan and Ryan Yada, who are the co-founders of Flowmotion, have partnered with Backpack Buddies to feed hungry children worldwide. Backpack Buddies is a Canadian charity dedicated to feeding hungry children.

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