Have Fun On A Coach Charter Melbourne. Fun Things To Do On A Bus Charter!

You are likely to hire a bus charter for short trips, school trips, or events very easily in Melbourne. And they guarantee to provide the best transportation as per your needs. You can check Bus Charter for booking coach charter.

But having a safe and comfortable journey is all that is required for any ride? Are proper riding facilities capable of entertaining you? The answer is no, but there are lots of things that can be done for fun on a coach charter Melbourne.

Several games can be played on any bus trip for fun. Those are both entertaining and great ways to pass the time at the same time. Some of them mentioned below:

• Cards:

Playing cards during a charter bus tour is one of the best ideas. Cards are played almost all over the world, including Melbourne. Also, they are very light and easy to carry. You can play several card games like rummy, hearts, poker, etc. with the person sitting next to you.

If not standard card games, Phase 10 or Uno won’t be a bad option at all. You can also bring multiple decks if you are traveling in a group.

• 20 Questions:

This game may sound old and boring, but it is a very easy, quick, and fun game. And the most important fact is you don’t even have to carry anything for this game. It’s an oral game that includes the only mind.

You just need to think of an object in mind, and your opponents are supposed to ask you 20 yes/ no questions to guess the object. The first person to guess it wins.

• Karaoke:

While traveling in a group, karaoke is an amazing option for Melbourne charter bus trips. There is very cheap karaoke available at a very low price. Also, several modern karaoke is there that offers Bluetooth features and online services, which makes the words display on the bus screens. Hence, make your trip more interesting for your group.

• “Would You Rather”

If getting bored and want to start a chat with the person sitting next to you, then this is the best game. What is more fun about this game is that you can also get to disclose many interesting facts about the person.

All you need is, ask each other a bunch of questions and tell them to pick between two different situations. For more fun, you can ask gross questions such as “Would you rather jump in a pool of cockroach or eat a rotten egg?”

• Trivia:

Trivial Pursuit can be a very interesting game both for two persons or large groups. One of the best ways of playing this game is by breaking the large group into small teams or sections. Teamwork makes this game more interesting to play.

Also, if the charter bus of Melbourne that you chose is tech-friendly, then you will be able to play an online game of trivia with all the passengers present on the bus via a smartphone app.

• Pencil and Paper Games:

If you are searching for games for two or three persons, then there are plenty of pencil and paper games available. Games like bulls & cows, tic-tac-toe, dots, pangrams, name-place-animal- things, etc. are all would be the best choice to play on road trips of Melbourne.

So it is very important to carry enough papers and pens/ pencils to play for both small and large groups.

• Name that Tune:

It is another most interesting game to be played on the roads of Melbourne. All you require for this game is a small device, be it a smartphone, an iTunes, or any pre-made playlist to play music. There are also several apps available, such a Music Quiz or Sing Pop.

One needs to guess the song name after hearing the music to win. If you want, you can plug in the phone into the on-board stereo system of the bus so that everyone can be attentive equally.


Hence, those mentioned above are the names of a few games that you can play on your coach charter while going on a trip to Melbourne. Son, next time you plan for a road trip, make sure you are all set to have fun and make your bus journeys memorable.

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