Got A New DJ Controller? 5 Pro Tips For Getting Started

You carefully chose and are finally excited to have the new DJ Controller you have been saving, praying, and hoping for, and now you are wondering, what next? Luckily, we have put together a list of things that can help you get started. 

Set up your gear

Setting up your DJ controller is quite easy nowadays, especially since it comes pretty much self-contained. Update any software that needs updating, and if your budget allows, you can add equipment that will help you in your DJ journey. One must-have is headphones.

Headphones are a DJ’s best friend as they will help you listen, cue, and mix well as you practice your skills. You should choose headphones that:

  • Have high-quality sound. You will need headphones that will enable you to clearly hear your music and drown out the noise, particularly in a club. 
  • Are comfortable. Do not disregard your comfort because you will wear the headphones for hours on end. For that reason, you will need headphones that fit just right. They should not be too tight and should cup your ears just right. 
  • Are durable. Since you will use them all the time, you need headphones that can last you longer than a few gigs.  

Therefore, investing in good quality headphones is definitely a step in the right direction of becoming a better DJ. 

You can also choose to set up your gear somewhere in the house where you won’t have to move it all the time. If you are looking for more information, Channel DJ site has informative tips and advice for setting up your new DJ controller. 

Know your gear

After you have set up your equipment, take the time to study your equipment. Read the start guide and follow the instructions. Understand the software that comes with it and as mentioned, update where it is needed. 

You can also watch tutorials to learn what each button or knob does, as well as the different ways that you can use your equipment. Test one or two knobs on a single track and test your creativity and move on to different ones once you are comfortable with them. Also, check the selection of DJ stands to enable easy access to your gear and enhance your performance

Figure out your sound

I am sure by now you have a preferred genre of music, and you can keep it simple and use this as a start. Do not be overwhelmed. Don’t let this box you, though; you can change this as you expand your skill and create your unique DJ sound. 

Your unique sound will set you apart from the rest. If you end up mastering your sound, you can copyright it. Your sound can also end up informing the type of DJ you will end up being. 

Music selection

By the time you got your DJ controller, you probably had your own selection of music, which is great. However, you can top up your selection by using a streaming service as they have a large selection of music and are a great way to expand your music selection. They are also an easy way for you to keep up with music changes. 

Moreover, the majority of these streaming services are compatible with your DJ software and are accessible with a subscription. Also, some of them come with offline lockers where you can store your music and use it without an internet connection. 

As a DJ, ensure that you are creating a setlist that is exciting, not just for your audience but also for yourself. Make it an easy one where you can transition from one song to the next. 

Network with other DJs

Yes, we know networking is mostly used in business scenarios but it applies to you as well. Get together with other DJs and learn from them. Social media has even made it easier, and you can follow or hit up DJs that you find interesting. 

Talking to those who have been in the game for a while will help you grow your skills and save you a lot of time spent in trial and error. You can even go a step further and seek a mentor who will show you the ropes. 

Most importantly, learning from others’ experiences will give you a wholesome view of what it takes to be a successful DJ.  


Becoming one of the best isn’t easy. Passion alone will not sustain help you attain and maintain a successful DJ career. You will need to get training. There are thousands of online tutorials where you can learn how to become a DJ

You can also choose to go the formal training route and get lessons from online and on-campus DJ schools. Deciding between either depends on your preference. 

You will also need a lot of practice and dedication. Practicing will help you become more confident. Moreover, spend time trying different techniques and learning which ones can create better mixes. All these will help you master your skill. 

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