Get YouTube Vanced For Free YouTube Premium

Introduction of YouTube Vanced

Every Internet user is familiar with YouTube, but many people don’t know what is YouTube advanced? Well, YouTube vanced tends to be the modded version of YouTube. It is much popular among Android users. Moreover, its second name is iYTBP (Injected Youtube Background Playback). It contains several features that you can’t get on official YouTube. It includes

  • Built-in ad blocking
  • Different themes
  • Background playback without having YouTube premium
  • Others

These features make YouTube vanced more improved and updated. You can find the latest featured in a single app. The main purpose of YouTube vanced is to block the ads and, also helpful to download the videos from YouTube. It may also help you to synchronize your YouTube subscription and playlist.

Features of YouTube vanced

YouTube vanced tends to be one of the amazing apps that are full of great features.

Let’s dive in and find some amazing features of YouTube vanced!

Built-in Adblocker

Nowadays, ads have become an essential part of online publications. But a large number of people don’t want to see ads, and they get irritated. It is one of the most amazing features of YouTube that help to block the ads. This built-in adblocker character can provide you ads-free videos, and you can enjoy more. You can easily toggle settings according to your need and desire.

Background playback

You can also enjoy the videos in the background. These features allow you to play a video by using one ab. In this way, you can use the other tabs and enjoy the YouTube video at the same time. Normally, it has been used with Youtube premium, but now you can get this feature in YouTube vanced.

Force HDR Mode

Many Android phones are available that can’t help to support HDR in the YouTube app. YouTube vanced is the most proactive way to get the HDR mode. HDR is the abbreviation of “High Dynamic Range” ha offers the finest quality of videos. It may help you to give impressive results of video quality.

Secondary Themes 

The theme is a thing that attracts everyone, and one’s love to change the themes. You can’t get the dark theme from official YouTube, but Vanced offers you the various themes. You can get the various theme colors and change them according to your desire. If we talk about the default theme, it is white.

Repeat videos 

Many people have some specific choice of music and videos, and they want to listen and watch them again and again. Vance tends to be the most proactive way that facilitates users. Users can like and repeat the video of their choice to enjoy it.

Preferred resolution and speed

You can choose the preferred video resolution as well as playback speed. Vanced will automatically remember your choice, and you can enjoy the videos of your choice. Additionally, you can control the volume and brightness according to your requirement. 


In a nutshell, a large number of people are using Android for different purposes. If you want to enjoy the ad-free videos, you need to use the YouTube vanced. It offers different features that facilitate you in so many ways. 

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