Follow These Tips If You’d Like To Improve Your Game

When it comes to survival games, Dayz is a unique game that requires a lot of different types of skills to win. The key to winning this game is patience as you have to slowly move throughout the map as you don’t want to run around in the open where anyone can take a clear shot at you. You’ll have to move through houses so you can loot as well slowly.

Running out in the open will just make you vulnerable to other players and zombies. Yes, there are zombies in this game too but, they’re not that strong to avoid fighting them as you could get third-parties easily by another player. Dayz has a very huge map where you’ll find many hiding and looting spots that you’ll want and try to memorize. This is how you’ll learn the whole map by trying to memorize a little from every game. 

Dayz is not an easy game to master, it can take you up to months and you’ll still not be able to master the game. This is how difficult it is. It’s known for its gruelling difficulty. So, it’s normal if you’re having a difficult time playing this game, you’ll learn with time just keep grinding day and night.

However, what you can do is hide your loot somewhere safe so when you want it back, you can just join back the server and get it from where you hid it. This game requires tons of patience so, if you’re an impatient person, you’ll most likely never win the game.

Here are some tips you should follow if you want to improve your game and play like a pro:

Play safe

The mechanics of this game are also very intriguing and is one of the reasons why people choose to play this game. You can craft a bunch of items in this game such as guns, boxes, traps, etc. Other than all of this, there’s not a goal in this game, so you can choose to play however you want but remember that you can die at any point of the game, so don’t get too attached to your loot because if you die, you will be gone. 

Even if your internet disconnects, you’ll lose your loot. So, make sure to check your internet connection before getting into a game. There’s also no insurance for loot in this game, so you have to be very careful if you have good loot. You would want to play safe and make the most out of your loot and win. 


Like any other survival game, there is also thirst in this game, the more your character runs, the more thirsty they will get. Also, if you climb houses, fight zombies, or sprint as I said, your character will get thirsty and will start to slow down. So, it’s very important to keep other forms of liquid with you like Nota Cola, Spite Lemonade, etc.


Just like thirst, hunger is also a thing in this game. The more your character exerts the more hungry they will get, so you’ll need to keep your character fed somehow if you don’t want them to die. You can find or make a different type of food and keep them with you and use it once your character starts to get hungry. What you can do is not get into any fights, try to sprint as little as possible. By doing this, your character won’t need food or water for a long time. Yes! These Dayz hacks work!

Loot Spawn

Just like any other survival game, there are also loot spawns in this game too. However, the map being so big, it’ll take you a lot of time to learn where the best loot spawns are. You can also explore the map but you’ll encounter many zombies and other players while doing it.

You can try exploring the map until you find some good loot spawns then go back to being a passive player. Also, keep an eye out for hackers in this game, it’s full of them which is why the devs of this game should take action.

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