Fleet Eyes Nanosatellites To Keep Your IoT Gadgets Online

Fleet management is quite challenging. As a logistics company owner, you need to track where your vehicles are in real-time. Otherwise, multiple things can go wrong, leading to losses and fines. Some of the challenges that occur include drivers driving recklessly and causing accidents. Other times, drivers deviate from the designated routes. As such, the fuel costs go up. 

Fortunately, advancements in various technologies such as GPS and nanosatellites are making it easier to manage fleets. With the unveiling of Nanosatellites, you can keep your IoT gadgets online all the time. These are devices that you can use in logistics, agriculture, and mining. The ultimate objective is to track useful machinery, livestock, or vehicles.

What Are Nanosatellites?

These small satellites are the size of a shoebox. In one box, there are about 29 satellites that are located into low Earth orbit. The best part is that Nanosatellites accomplish almost as much as large satellites at a lower cost. The affordable rates explain why most companies and government institutions are scrambling for a piece of this cake. These satellites provide connectivity to multiple devices on Earth. The demand is unprecedented, and most companies that depend on this technology will benefit immensely.

In the logistic industry, these satellites, paired with IoT gadgets, will enable fleet managers to collect real-time data. That said, by installing IoT devices in your vehicle, you will know its whereabouts at all times. According to experts, fleet managers will pay as low as $2 annually for each device connected. As you can see, this could be cheaper than regular GPS tracking costs.

Are you seeking fleet management solutions from a reliable provider? You can check out the company website of one of the leading service providers. They offer vehicle tracking systems and other automobile solutions like Wi-Fi, bus TVs, and passenger counters.

Benefits of this technology in fleet management

Nanosatellites provide immense benefits for the logistic industry. Once it is deployed to manage your fleet, you will have audio and videos access to monitor your driver. With such reach, you can see and hear what your driver is doing a particular time. And in case of reckless driving, you will not have to rely on any other sources of information.

The technology will also help you intervene where necessary. For example, if you notice a driver who is drunk and driving, you can stop the vehicle. And to do so, you will not need to move an inch. You can switch the car off from your mobile phone or computer.

You will also enjoy unlimited data streaming. This means that you can quickly check the whereabouts of your vehicle as well as its fuel consumption. Access to this data will help you make sound business decisions. For example, you will know the best route your trucks should use when making specific trips. The objective is to ensure that your vehicle uses the fastest route, which will translate into low fuel consumption.

The combination of Nanosatellites and IoT devices is the best thing that has happened to fleet companies. Moreover, it is affordable and excellent for business.

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