Finding The Right Resolution For Drawing Tablet PC

Resolution in your drawing tablet PC is extremely important. Want to know why? That’s because it determines the crispness and visual quality of the details. Talking about the best resolution for digital arts, we would recommend 300 DPI as it offers a high level of detail to the drawings. Additionally, you also won’t have to add much overhead for your drawing hardware and software on your PC or device. 

To learn more about the resolution in a drawing tablet, keep scrolling. You will find everything you need to know below.

What is Resolution and How Do You Measure It?

In a drawing tablet PC, resolution tells the crispness and visual quality of illustrations, photos, and other media. For those of you who do not know, we measure it in DPI (dots per inch) or PPI (pixels per inch). The higher the DPI or PPI of the photo, the more details it will contain.

We recommend everyone use at least 300 PPI or DPI as their standard resolution. That’s because it offers the best drawing and quality experience.

What Is the Difference between DPI and PPI?

When it comes to DPI or dots per inch, it usually refers to the resolution used in physical prints of media. The higher the DPI of a drawing, the more details it will incorporate in its printed copies.

On the other hand, PPI or pixels per inch refers to the resolution that is displayed on screens and monitors. The higher the PPI of the digital image, the more you can zoom into the details. What’s more, it will not even pixelate.

Both of these terms can be quite confusing if you are not already familiar with them. As a result, you might even have confusion as to which one to use. So, we would recommend that you use the default one that is available in the drawing software that you are working on.

However, if you also want to print your digital art, you should use 300 DPI to be on the safe side. That’s because the majority of the printers can print high-quality images at 300 DPI and that too without slowing down a bit.

Can You Use More Than 300 DPI/PPI?

Are you wondering if you can use more than 300 DPI/PPI or if this is the only limit? Well, yes you can use more than 300 DPI/PPI in a drawing tablet PC. However, you should be aware of the RAM capacity of your device too. Otherwise, using higher resolution might slow down your device and do more harm than good. 

Talking about the devices that have low spec hardware, using a higher resolution might result in delays in transferring data from tablet to screen, application of filters, switching brushes, stylus recognition, etc. To put it in simple words, it might make your entire experience less pleasing. 

When it comes to the higher amount of details, it also means that you will have to store a lot of information. This means that saving much larger files and opening them will take longer than usual. What’s more, your software might also crash and as a result, you will lose your entire drawing progress.

So, to sum it up, it is completely unnecessary to go beyond 300 DPI/PPI in the majority of the cases. However, if you are making something that requires too much detailing, then we would suggest that you opt for a resolution higher than that.

What is the Maximum Recommended Resolution for a Drawing Tablet PC?

While going beyond 300 DPI/PPI is completely unnecessary in the majority of the cases, some artists still opt for it. So, what is the maximum recommended resolution they can select?

Well, we cannot pinpoint the exact number but many professional artists go up to 600 DPI. So, if you believe that your device can handle this resolution, you can try it too. 

You can also test out different resolutions for yourself and see if your device can handle it smoothly or not. However, before you test it out, you must make sure that you have saved all your progress.

VK165PRO: The Best Drawing Tablet PC

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