Find Out The Essential Vegan Supplements You Need As A Bodybuilder 

Vegans can be bodybuilders and successful ones at that. ZackBelknap, Jehina Malik, and Nimai Delgado are some of the top names in the vegan bodybuilding industry. 

That disproves the myth of vegans not being good athletes. However, most, if not all, face the problem of nutrition. You must consume an adequate quantity of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to achieve your physique.

And that is why it’s essential to take vegan bodybuilding supplements to ensure your body recovers from those tough workout sessions. Unless the muscles get the fuel they deserve, they will not grow stronger, bigger, or toned. 

But what are the other reasons for supplementation? Which ones should you give the utmost importance to for getting the best results? Read on to find out.

Why should vegan bodybuilders take supplements?

Although plant-based food items like tofu, almonds, cheese, chickpeas, grains, fruits, and vegetables are highly nutritious, you might be unable to consume the required amount. 

Even if you do, your body might be unable to fully digest the large quantity of food. Supplements help you get the necessary nutrients without placing unnecessary stress on your body. 

Moreover, as mentioned earlier, a sport like bodybuilding has specific dietary requirements which you cannot fulfill without using supplements. 

Which ones are necessary for bodybuilding?

If you are a vegan who does bodybuilding, these are some supplements you might consider adding to your diet. However, even when you take these, your diet should have a perfect balance of proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, fiber, and minerals. 

The purpose of supplementation is to provide your body with the extra nutrients it requires, but it can never be a substitute for a poor diet. 


Are you looking to shed fat and gain lean muscle mass simultaneously? BCAAs will help you achieve both with the best results. They enhance muscle protein synthesis, significantly boost your energy levels, and slow muscle breakdown.

Unlike other substances, they have minimum absorption time since the bloodstream absorbs them directly. The presence of amino acids like isoleucine, leucine, and valine helps the body regulate blood sugar levels.

You will usually find these in either tablet or powder forms and should choose either of them that you find comfortable taking.

Vegan protein powder 

Protein is the primary nutritional block of bodybuilding. If you fall short of the necessary intake even slightly, it will affect your muscle-building and repairing capability. 

Natural protein sources in vegan diets include almonds, tofu, vegetables, beans, and grains. However, you will find it challenging to meet the recommended protein intake of 1.6 to 2.2 grams per day for one kilogram of body weight.

Vegan protein powders contain a minimal amount of artificial sweeteners and are more digestible than whey protein or similar products. Unlike traditional powders, you don’t feel bloated or uncomfortable after consumption. 

Besides helping with muscle recovery, it boosts energy levels, repairs tissues, and improves your gut function. 


The creatine that you find in supplements is made by synthesizing cyanamide and sarcosine. They play a vital role in increasing ATS adenosine triphosphate (ATS), the primary source of energy in your body stored in the cells.

Taking creatine supplements boosts your creatine levels significantly, thus helping you increase muscle size, strength, and power. It enables you to complete your workouts without getting tired or weary, thus contributing to muscle size in the long run.

Things to check before buying

You should buy bodybuilding supplements from an online retailer whose products contain the aforementioned ingredients while checking the labeling and serving size per amount. 

It would be helpful to inquire about the refund and exchange policy and the terms and conditions. 

You should buy vegan bodybuilding supplementsto receive the best results from your workouts. They help you recover faster from workouts, increase your energy levels, and help you achieve the physique you want. 

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