Everything You Need To Know About Hair Therapy Treatment

Unwanted loss of hair in the scalp can be disheartening and demotivating. It doesn’t just impact your overall aesthetic appearance but also impacts your self-worth and confidence. You may have tried various expensive hair oil and shampoo brands but nothing seems to work on your scalp. As you worry about your thinning hairline and desperately seek newer hair loss treatment in Melbourne, here is the latest technology that can help you regrow hair on your scalp. 

Hair Therapy

Hair therapy in Melbourne is the latest and most innovative treatment for alopecia or hair loss in the scalp area. The therapeutic efficacy of this scientifically approved treatment is effectively demonstrated in the regeneration of new hair cells in the scalp. 

This novel hair therapy technique helps to isolate and use the healthy substances, called platelet growth factors,  present in the blood platelets of the patient, to stimulate and accelerate the regeneration of hair tissues in the scalp. 

The biostimulation of the capillaries further increases the vascularization of the hair follicles. This stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin to aid folliculur regeneration in the scalp of patients with moderate hair loss.

Hair therapy in Melbourne is the most effective way to regrow hair in the scalp. It helps to effectively treat the problem of hair loss.

How does Hair Therapy work?

In hair therapy, plasma rich in growth factors is introduced into the bald areas of the scalp skin with the help of micro injections. 

To obtain healthy plasma, first, the blood sample of the patient is taken. The plasma fractions are then separated with a process called controlled centrifugation. 

As a result of this action, healthy plasma gets separated from the blood. This plasma is then collected in microinjections and then injected into the top layer of the scalp skin through microneedles. The needles are so fine, that the entire process seems practically painless. 

This enriched plasma interacts with the healthy hair cells present in the scalp and results in hair regeneration.

The treatment doesn’t require any downtime. The patient can resume their normal activity almost immediately after a treatment session. 

Is Hair Therapy effective?

Check out the image below:

The above image shows the considerable positive changes in the scalp hairline post hair therapy in Melbourne at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre.

In the left image, there is considerable loss of hair and the scalp skin is distinctly visible at various places. Hair loss may usually occur as you age, but certain other medical factors can also cause hair loss. Here, the patient has experienced hair loss due to aging. 

After 3 successive hair therapy treatment sessions, we can see there is a considerable increase in the quantity of hair in the scalp ( image to the right). In 1 month, the patient has experienced a considerable increase in the quantity as well as the quality of hair in the scalp. 

As the image reflects, hair therapy for hair loss treatment in Melbourne is very effective in the regrowth of scalp hair. This will not just improve your overall aesthetic appearance but also enhance your confidence and self-worth. You will feel much better about yourself within a few months of hair therapy with the new hair that grows in your scalp. 

The positive results of hair therapy treatment include:

  • The thickness of your existing hair improves
  • There’s considerable improvement in the quantity of hair on the scalp
  • Within a few months, you will observe considerable hair growth, thus,  eliminating the signs of baldness

How much time does the treatment require?

Each hair therapy treatment session lasts for approximately one hour, which includes extraction of blood samples, processing and collection of enriched plasma, administering the plasma into the skin. 

Unlike other surgical procedures, hair therapy doesn’t require any downtime. However, you are expected to follow the doctor’s guidelines to achieve the best outcomes from the hair loss treatment in Melbourne. 

The treated area may turn red immediately after the treatment, but this is temporary. The redness goes away within a day or two. Apart from the redness, there are no major side effects of this treatment. You can continue to lead a normal life after treatment. However, you need to avoid any intense sports activities or external heat applications during the first 24 hours of post-hair loss treatment in Melbourne.

Nitai Medical and Cosmetic center provides the most advanced and secure hair therapy in Melbourne. Consult our Scalp Expert Dr. Shobhna Singh Today to know more.

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