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Enhance Athletic Recovery By Using PEMF Therapy, Pemf Therapy Mats

A successful athletic career is one built from physical strength, speed, and endurance. An athlete has to perform his best game even after enduring physical injuries and traumas. Hence it becomes an athlete’s sole duty to provide what’s best for their body.  PEMF therapy is now being used for almost half a decade and rose to prominence in athletic and sports careers.

PEMF therapy mats help in cellular repair, improve circulation, increase oxygenation and relieve pain, swelling, repairs tendon and cartilages in the joint and helps in healing of the fractures and reduce muscle soreness.  All the sports injuries can be dealt with some medication, surgeries and physiotherapy but the recovery phase is quite extensive and stretched to longer time periods often appalling for the athlete. PEMF mats combined with the other modalities majorly speeds up the recovery time.

Athletes are also very much known to experience tendons or cartilage injuries, bone fractures or any sort of dislocation. PEMF mats become the most expedient option for them. In 2007 US FDA approved PEMF therapy for fracture nonunion.  A research study has shown that PEMF therapy has significantly shown improvement in the neck of Femur fractures and Tibial fractures.

Another most important thing to be taken care of is the “muscles”.  Athletes go through a demanding physical regime and diet to build up their muscles and surely, optimal working of muscles is the key to a rewarding sports career. Muscles get tired and sore after a workout, if not taken care of they can tear and cause major damage.  PEMF takes care of that as well. PEMF mats available as full body mats, easy to use are now widely used by athletes for the same.

PEMF mats have a wide range of effects on the muscular system.  Energy depletion in the muscles causes the spasm which is quite painful. PEMF therapy stimulates blood circulation to the tissue, increases oxygen supply and stimulates phosphorylation process in the muscles cells which replenishes the ATP the energy source of the cell. It decreases oxidative stress, and helps in repairing the muscle tissue. The transduction of the impulse as signal to the muscle to contract is also enhanced by the use of PEMF mats.

PEMF mats also offer a solution to acute “in field crisis” such as pain and Edema.  Edema is an abnormal collection of fluid in the tissues. It helps in reducing the active inflammation and simultaneously reduced the pain and swelling.

PEMF has also shown some positive but relatively less known benefits such as improving the lung capacity and the nutritional status of the body. It helps in increasing the absorption of nutrients in our gut.

Not often talked about an aspect of sports career is the stress, anxiety and mental exhaustion dealt by the athletes. PEMF Therapy opens a window of hope in this direction as well. Since this therapy sends the magnetic wave which helps in recharging the cells, it has quite an effect on the neuron and nerves. These cells function when an impulse changes each cell from negative to positive charge. In other words there is a current flowing through the nerves and brain which help in optimal functioning of nervous system, and these cells would benefit from a modest recharging from time to time.

PEMF has a multitude of benefits and wide range of possibilities to offer. It overall increases the physical endurance, strength and speed of the athlete in the field and respective sport. It provides a holistic wellness to the athlete in a physical and spiritual sense.

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