Elf Ultra-Mini Portable Speaker

Elf Speaker

Elf Portable Speaker

Coming in 5 different colors and easily fitting into your pocket, these little speakers provide a lot of good noise when they’re connected to your preferred device. They’re even Bluetooth compatible, which means you can connect wireless from over 30 feet if you want! It’s the perfect way to listen to music, play games, or watch videos from virtually anywhere you happen to be. There’s a built-in microphone as well so that you can take calls through the speaker… or use the Garageband app on your phone to record vocals if you prefer!

The Elf also connects by a 3.5 mm aux-in cable if you prefer and if you’ve got your playlist on a mSD card, this speaker will read the files too. It delivers 6 hours of playback time and charges in less than 3! If you run it on an iPhone, you’ll even be able to view your battery levels. You could pay 4x as much for a similar device, but why would you when you’ve got the Elf?

$24.95 – BUY ON AMAZON

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