DIY: Convert your Smartphone into High Power Microscope

materials to make Microscope
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Every particle of this universe is a piece of beauty, to be seen and cherished up close. A camera can never capture the details that you will be able to appreciate through the lens of a microscope and microscopes rarely go on 50% off sales. Being hideously expensive is the only slight related to the microscopes. So here’s an awesome way to convert your smart phone into a working microscope within a minimal budget.


This project is quite easy to build up, requiring only minimum time out of your my-every-second-is-precious life. The material that you need consists of carriage bolts, nuts, wing nuts, washers, plywood boards, 2 Plexiglass sheets, laser pointer focus lens (use these lenses if you don’t have a laser), a drill machine, a measuring scale and an LED. All these items are going to cost you next to nothing.

materials to make Microscope
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So, here is how it all goes

  • Start with marking three holes on a squarely cut plywood board. This is to serve as a base for the whole setup.
  • Mark two holes along one border, an inch away from the border at the opposite corners.
  • On the opposite border, mark a hole in the middle.
  • Place a Plexiglass on top of the board.
  • Bore through each of the holes. Take special care with the plexiglass or it might break.
  • Another shallow hole is bored later on in the middle of the two holes made earlier. This serves as a base for the LED so bore it according to the size of the LED.
  • Mount a plexiglass on top of the base. This will serve as a specimen stage.
  • Take another plexiglass panel and bore a miniscule hole through it. This is where the lens goes in.
  • The LED, the specimen, the lens and your smart phone should all ultimately come to lie in line.
  • Place your viewing portal, your smart phone, on top of the camera.
  • Put the specimen that you wish to view on top of the specimen stage.
  • You can now view the specimen through your smart phone and can even tap the screen to magnify the specimen further. Navigating around your screen can help you visualize the specimen from every possible angle.

The Smartphone come microscope is ready to amaze your senses as u get the full impact of the beauty of nature at a higher magnification.

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