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For decades, we have focused on pen and paper signatures, also dating from the founding of the United States. It’s a simple and efficient way to verify the identity of someone and thereby convey approval. But how can we leverage the energy of innovation in today’s digital era to recreate the credibility of a handwritten signature? 

Yes, a physical copy of a digital document can still be scanned, signed, and filed, or a signature image can be copied and pasted on your document. But none of these processes suit digital workflows fluidly. As we strive towards increased productivity, both can be startling speedbumps. 

This is where it comes into play with digital signatures. A key component of the digital transformation challenge is digital signatures,  which help businesses achieve mobile, domestic, and cross-border contracts at exponential levels. PhantomPDF uses strong Digital-signing methods to help sectors such as banking, real estate, and law achieve faster turnarounds.

CocoSign – Our Choice for Best Digital Signature App for Signing PDF Online

CocoSign is possibly the best application for electronic signatures that can be accessed from your internet browser. It is used by people and businesses from everywhere and has been tested online by top platforms.

This application lets it to the top of the list because it also provides free users with outstanding features.

The App Packs in Advanced Features

Visit the CocoSign homepage to get a range of useful features.

a. Electronic and digital signatures are provided by CocoSign 

Don’t mix electronic signatures with digital signatures. A move up from electronic signatures is digital signatures. Being certificate-based, they’re more stable. That implies that your signature becomes incorporated in the document, and you will recognize if the document is interfered with. 

CocoSign helps to create all types of signatures, and also includes a signature feature for “wet ink.” 

b. It’s easy to use 

The software has been well, easy to use, and responsive. To access the app or its functions, you, or anyone else in your company, will not need any training. At any time, from anywhere, you can use any Internet-enabled device to sign in and start logging in. 

The software also allows offline signatures if you do not always have access to the internet.

c. This provides multi-signature support for 

Some records need several signatures, such as documents and resolutions. This platform helps you to sign any document of your choosing, along with anyone else you add. It does not matter the venue. Also, signature sequencing is enabled by the software, enabling users to sign in the desired order. 

d. Customization options exist 

Many valuable customization courses are available by the app. For re-use, you can develop and store document models, including legal documents, work contracts, applications, messages, and more. As required, you can edit documents. For fast retrieval, you can also save the signatures. 

e. The free scheme is generous, 

The arrangement for free is good. To begin signing any documents of your choosing, you only need to build an account and you can share it with numerous persons. You can write programs, and you can also obtain updates and reminders.

The individual, business, and enterprise plans offer extra options and are priced lower than many other options out there. 

It’s Reliable and Trustworthy

The app provides industry-standard enforcement and security: 

a. Safe Secure 

The 256-bit SSL encryption is stable and follows all connections made to CocoSign. A high degree of confidentiality is often enjoyed by documents. The service is accredited by PDI DSS. In transit, your information is stable, and your signature is kept safe from being hacked or copied. 

b. Compliant   

All related requirements such as the GDPR, HIPAA, and the CFR are compliant with CocoSign. In more than 180 countries worldwide, you can use the software for business or other technical purposes. Signatures made through the app are deemed legally binding and legitimate. 

c. Private Service 

The software can be used privately. Your private information remains yours. Your basic personal data are covered as the software is GDPR compliant. Your name, address, payment information, and any information you exchange through the app are some examples.

Benefits of Signing PDFs with Digital Signatures

1. Digitally Signed Documents Can Be Legally Binding

In the United States, the European Union, and several developing countries, regulation acknowledging the legitimacy of an e-signature has been adopted. 

These decisions have helped pave the way for e-signatures, including criteria for the degree of e-signature you are required to use for certain situations, to be legitimate under the law. Except for a few special cases, e-signatures are constitutionally enforceable in courts.

2. Sign Anywhere, Anytime

The unavoidable tediousness of transferring documents, or even worse, paperwork being misplaced, is one of the main issues with pen and paper signatures. 

Digital signatures simplify the procedure greatly. No matter where you are, you may digitally sign a document. An internet connection and access to a server, laptop, or mobile device are all that you need.

3. Faster, Automated Document Processes

A complicated and time-sensitive procedure such as a business agreement may also be held up by securing a handwritten signature and no one wants that. Digital signatures make obtaining approval from both parties that much quicker. 

You can sign the document digitally as soon as it enters your inbox, rather than waiting for tangible documents to deliver. Your Digital signature activates the next step in the process instantly.

4. Save Time and Money

The procedural process followed in signing a contract is decreased by digital document processes driven by Digital signatures. To implement contracts in a flash, you can depend on a digital signing. To fly around the country, or around the world, there’s no need to wait for printed documents. It’s all done on a computer or mobile device immediately.


If you’re already a PDF user, use the developer CocoSign to quickly add digital signatures to your PDF forms. Just sign directly from the PDF into CocoSign and simply drag and drop the sign and date fields into your PDF. After that, give your intended recipient the finished document to sign and you’re done. There’s something you can read about how it works.

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