Desktop Vs. Laptop; What Is Better For Gaming?

As gaming becomes more and more common amongst not just kids but adults, the world of technology improves equipment every passing day. Now, gamers have unlimited options when it comes to the computer setup they want for gaming. Advanced computers with several prebuilt options can be found in markets or you can customize the computers you want. Nowadays, gamers usually buy the best versions of all the equipment present in the market; the best keyboards, mouse, CPUs, monitors, etc. I mean, it is understandable. The competition is high when it comes to gaming. So it is actually a very clever option to get parts of computers and upgrade them whenever they wish.

However, gamers usually spiral between one most important question. Is a gaming desktop better than a gaming laptop? Well, to have a definite answer, we need to draw a fair comparison between the both.

Gaming Desktops Vs Gaming Laptops.

Gaming desktops or gaming laptops don’t come cheap, so it is advisable that you do your thorough research before buying a gaming setup. You can find both options readily available in hardware shops, companies or brands quite easily. However, if you want to buy a Desktop PC for Sale – Acer Australia, you will not be disappointed. The PCs available there are highly durable, worth the money and you can find the best models that you could get your hands on.

However, before you jump to a conclusion, here is a comparison that will help you make your decision.


If we compare both the options performance-wise, it is no question that a desktop wins. Although it is not entirely true that gaming laptops are not as efficient as gaming desktops, however desktops still have the power edge here. Since the CPU is much larger and more powerful, desktops tend to have made much better performance than laptops.

Ease Of Customization

If we talk about what device is easy to customize, desktops win again. Since the parts of the desktop can be easily removed and changed, you can easily upgrade and change the parts of a desktop quite easily. Laptops have their graphic cards and processors moldered into the motherboard which makes it quite difficult to upgrade them. You might end up damaging your laptop’s motherboard while attempting to upgrade. However, the internal and external parts of a desktop can easily be customized.


When it comes to portability, the obvious winner is the gaming laptop. Desktops are not exactly portable and you cannot take them with you to your office or a tournament. The bugger and more competitive your desktop are, the more difficult it is to carry it around. However, portability is a primary strength of laptops in this manner for they can fit even in your bag pack. 


It is popularly known that gaming desktops are much cheaper than gaming laptops. This might be true in a few cases but I believe that this has a very subjective and no definite answer. The prices depend on the models, the year of release, the performance, etc. 

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