Dating A Nerdy Guy: 15 Reasons Why Nerds Make Great Boyfriends!

Nowadays, nerdy boyfriends are already in power. Great for you if you’re a girl dating a nerd guy. You’ve noticed the pattern between a lovely man and a genius.

Many women are drawn to taller, handsome guys who appear to be models. But when it comes to love and passion that really can carry you off your knees, though, these guys frequently fall short.

You might think there’s a nerd clich√© and that seeing a nerdy involves playing computer games and binge-watching Star Trek. Let us explain something: you are mistaken. There are several reasons to date a gamer geek, and here are a few of them.

They’re not trying to impress anyone.

They’d rather have low self-esteem than believe in their strengths. That’s why they don’t dress well or have an excellent physical appeal. They’d prefer to put their money into their intellect than almost anything else.

Expect them not to amaze you with money and possessions. Instead, they’ll offer you their time and, eventually, their whole hearts.

Nerdy guys are happy to stay in

Almost all geeky dudes are introverts who prefer to spend their spare hours at home among the most delicate things about them. You’ll be spending your Friday nights snuggling up with your loved one and binge-watching a sci-fi movie if you see a nerdy.

They don’t have big egos.

Nerds are confident in their capabilities. They do not even require the approval of others. Their brilliance makes them feel powerful, and they don’t feel it necessary to boast about it or compensate in other ways.

Nerds don’t mind learning.

They adjust even for the most unpredictable and stressful conditions by using their brains. Even though it’s entirely unfamiliar for them, they implement everything they’ve learned in their life into the actual world.

Nerds are obsessed with understanding why people function the way they do. Their voracious curiosity about everything drives them to figure out how to make things work.

Nerds are passionate

A smart guy is more accepting of other women’s special needs since he is unique next to everyone else. His investigative personality will lead him to discover and express natural curiosity in your passions.

They have a cracking sense of humour.

Many of these gentlemen are bashful at first, but as they get to know you, you’ll be surprised by their quick humor, intellectual sarcasm, and fascinating genuineness. They can make you giggle, forgetting about all of your issues in a single night. They go out of their way of making a lady chuckle since they understand it’s a strategic advantage.

They value personality over appearance.

We’re undoubtedly generally terrified of putting on weight and wouldn’t attempt to wear sweatpants in the boyfriend’s presence. If you’re dating a geeky guy, though, they are the very last thoughts on your mind. He’ll find you appealing whether you’re wearing lingerie or simply jammies.

Nerdy guys do not judge.

Guys do not care how much money you earn or how perfect your curves are; they want you for who and what you are, exactly as you seem to be. With geeky men, you never have to conceal any aspect of yourself.

They won’t play mind games.

When you date a geek, you can be sure they will not attempt to change or manipulate you into somebody else since they wouldn’t alter who they are too. One of the sweetest things about them is their genuineness and reliability.

You can be yourself with a nerd.

They would like to know everything about you, including the parts of you that you may not usually reveal to a partner. They understand what it feels like when others don’t believe in you since they’ve been criticized so brutally their entire existence.

You are always learning when you date a nerd.

He knows more and more about each one of his fields of interest since he’s passionate about studying, investigating, and the process of discovering, so you’ll be amazed. Whenever you are hanging out together, there’s a high probability you’ll learn new things about the universe and all that is in. They continuously encourage you to grow as a person, and they genuinely like seeing you succeed.

Nerds like fixing stuff

Their intelligence sets them apart from any other dude you’ve previously met. The options are unlimited, whether that’s repairing your laptop or designing your application. Nerds now control modern society.

Nerdy guys are sensitive.

They can sympathize with and appreciate your feelings, trying to make you feel better. Nerdy guys will be not only your closest friend but also your soulmate. Those gentlemen understand that talking about your feelings does not make you weaker, but it is therapeutic.

Geeky boyfriends don’t have to hide their manly nature by suppressing their emotions. They don’t give a damn about anything.

They don’t like sports.

Most ladies dislike sporting events, particularly ones that require us to get messy, sweaty, or swear like seamen.

The excellent news would be that, since most geeky males are lousy at sporting, he won’t have a harsh reaction to something like this. Another plus is that you won’t have to become the pretentious cheerleader who spends hours on the risers cheering for your athletic partner.

Nerds make good money.

Due to their intelligence and experience, geeky dudes can make lots of money. Even though they skipped higher education, it doesn’t imply they won’t go on to create the next big thing. Nerds may not live their lives in the same manner that ordinary humans do, but they constantly shock others when they demonstrate incredible abilities.

There’s no excuse not to avoid dating a nerd guy; at least once in your lifetime, you must try. He’ll adore you, unlike any other man, even if he doesn’t share similar values. He may not be the most attractive or charming man on the planet, but he will provide you with all you want.

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