Data-Driven? Remote Working Sheds Light On A Critical Need For Data Backup Systems

Since February this year, there has been an uptick of cybercriminal activity targeting data, according to Microsoft. Given this trend, consumers and businesses need positive online habits to limit their exposure. With most work now conducted remotely, a bright light has been shone on the critical need for data backup systems and how they have been affected. 

Remote Work And Data Backup Issues

With workers continuing their jobs from makeshift home offices, the handling of data and files is lax, according to Mark Lomas of Probrand. The problem is that staff are storing work documents on their personal devices rather than company secured servers. While the convenience of doing so makes this understandable, the risk it puts companies and businesses at is rather large. This finding emphasizes the need for organizations to have a clear protocol for where data should be saved and how it could be backed up to prevent loss.

IBM To Move To Cloud Focus

Experts at CoreTech emphasize that unsecured data management can result in data loss that can bring down an entire business. Large companies like IBM are taking such warnings seriously and are rolling out changes to better safeguard data. Not satisfied with their managed services infrastructure, they are taking it a step further by placing focus on cloud computing with hybrid and multi-cloud options, quantum computing, and AI development. IBM’s goal is to further explore how to limit data risk and what other solutions can be developed regarding data backup measures.

The Future Of Work And Data

While remote work has its share of problems, it effectively points towards a bright future, says Sumir Kuyari of 1E. He goes on to suggest that after a period of adjustment and observation, companies can create digital ecosystems that enable their employees to work effectively from different locations. To build those ecosystems, data handling and backup is presently at a critical stage in development. When services and companies are able to create better protocols to handle data, and back it up regardless of a continued remote work environment, they’ll be able to push past the current state of work and embrace a better future.

With data playing a significant part in business and daily life, suitable measures must be adopted to ensure that it is not compromised. The good news is that there are more options to pursue regarding safeguarding data and backing it up effectively. So it’ll be interesting to see how consumers and businesses embrace data backup systems and services.

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