Content Marketing: 7 Ways To Build Links Through Writing

There are some very persuasive reasons why it makes a lot of sense to build a relationship with someone who offers link building services as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Content marketing is a great way to drive more traffic to your site, and one of the best ways to achieve this aim is to build links through writing. Here is a look at some of the best ways to make these valuable links and why it pays to focus on your writing and how it is presented.

Knowledge and experience are a powerful writing tools.

When someone is writing about a subject they know a lot about, it is always abundantly clear by how they write and the quality and depth of the content.

If you can use writers to talk about subjects in their field of expertise, it is a powerful asset to have from a content marketing perspective.

Interviews add a different perspective.

Suppose you can’t get the person to write the content themselves, or they don’t have the literary skills to go alongside their knowledge. In that case, the best alternative is to present their expertise in an interview format.

Their valuable insights and advice will add value and encourage more people to read the content.

Collaboration can be a great way to grow your audience.

Another tactic would be to consider suitable collaboration arrangements for your content campaign.

If you can collaborate with another non-competing brand and talk about a subject that covers more than one angle, it will help you to earn new links and a wider audience.

Case studies help bring data to life.

There is only so far you can go when telling people how a product works. Including case studies in your content is an excellent way of giving more depth to what you are saying.

Sharing those case studies across social media platforms should help to generate more links and increase your viewing numbers.

Surveys help back up what you are saying.

Although it can add to your marketing budget if you add survey data to your content, it does give you a marketing edge when you can present unique data.

Combining case studies with survey data can be a powerful way to convey your message.

Research papers add another dimension.

Another option that can add to your credibility and status as a go-to person in your industry would be to think about working with a local university to do some research and put together a whitepaper on your subject.

It might not require too much financial outlay if you use university students who can carry out the work as part of their studies. It is a content marketing tactic that can offer excellent returns.

Take advantage of local PR

Even though you are looking to cast your marketing net as wide as possible, it often works well to make the most of local PR resources and build your audience numbers naturally.

You will often get plenty of local coverage that is often shared across social media.

Using these content marketing strategies can be a great way to build links through writing.

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