Complete USDOT Compliance Audit Checklist For You

Part of running a trucking business is to ensure that you have covered all items on the DOT compliance audit checklist. We have a free form where you can download everything you need in the truck, the items next to the truck, and the emergency and emergency equipment on hand.

However, this is not all you need to consider when fulfilling the Federal Motor Safety Administration (FMCSA) requirements. If your company is engaged in international trade, the important thing to remember is that the government requires you to follow their poor drug and alcohol checklist. This is the main part of each. Please note that you may or may not need to cover all the items listed here, depending on:

·         What you want to ship

·         Where you want to ship

·         Your team

If you have any questions about the needs of the transportation company, please contact our trainer to get a game plan tailored to your company.

What if you fail the DOT review?

After passing the DOT review, you will receive one of the following three ratings: passed, preliminary or unsatisfactory. Satisfactory results do not mean you can relax. This only means that the review determines that you meet the important requirements. However, if your CSA increases, you receive an unusual number of customer complaints, or one of the vehicles has a serious accident, you may need to re-inspect. The conditional flag means that the auditor believes that your company may have violated the rules somewhere during the audit.

However, this is not considered a security risk. This may result in a one-time exam fee and increase costs such as insurance coverage. Plan and return a satisfactory plan from a conditional plan. Unsatisfactory ratings are a problem. This means that the DOT auditor has found a serious violation, or you have not complied with federal safety regulations. This will almost certainly result in fines. Your company or business classifies it as “out of order”. If your score is not satisfactory according to dot compliance audit checklist, then you can still submit a safety management plan. If you are a passenger transport company or a dangerous goods company, you have 45 days to submit the plan; if you operate other CMVs, you have 60 days to submit the plan. FMCSA will either accept your plan or announce that it will stop providing services to your company.

What does FMCSA need?

Not only do you need to put something on the truck, but you also need to fill out the appropriate paperwork to ensure that your business is functioning properly. Points to consider:

·         Do you have the correct shipping details?

·         Have you passed the security check for new members?

·         Do you have the latest relevant documents that you are going to check?

·         Have you registered in the unified registration authority of the telecom operator?

·         Have you issued a license plate, or have you registered under the International Registration Program (IRP)?

Not only that, but you also need to make some rules to ensure the safety of the driver during the journey. This includes guidelines for drugs and alcohol, such as registering your driver to obtain drug test samples or dot compliance audit checklist equipment regularly.

CDL and Driver List

Your driver must also be qualified to drive a commercial vehicle. When running your own truck business, always prepare the following tasks:

Keep a copy of the current FMCSA regulations in the office.

Also, make sure you have a copy of the rules for each of your drivers and have signed a receipt, and agreed to abide by the rules.

All vehicles must be inspected before and after the flight and recorded in writing. Regularly update the evaluation records and safety performance history records of each driver.

Do you and your driver know how to observe working hours?

Record the working hours of each driver. If the CDL driver is no more than 150 miles away from the terminal (this rule was recently changed from 100 to 150), you may not need to fill in the log, but the company should keep track of their working hours. Regularly track/check the working hours of the driver with dot compliance audit checklist.

Although they have an ELD (Electronic Logging Device) establish a regular vehicle maintenance plan and ensure that trucks and trailers comply with the plan. Keep a complete record of the incident. Make sure all vehicles are marked with the DOT number.

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