Common Apartment Relocation Mistakes

Moving can be good news. If you are moving to another apartment we hope that is because you are going to improve your living conditions. And your life will be easier if you address part of your moving issues to professionals. Google movers near me and ask for a Quote. Expenses are always disappointing but using nowadays tools like approximate moving cost calculator or numerous apps will help you to plan and even save your money. Today we will talk about the mistakes that are repeated from year to year.

First of all, you must understand 3 points:

# 1. Moving is not just transportation

Transportation is one of the elements of moving, which takes no more than 15-20% of the move. Other elements: preparation for moving and actions after transportation.

# 2. The better you prepare, the better and easier it will be

People miss out on training. Many people simply do not prepare well for the move, which makes it much more difficult to move than it could be with proper preparation.

# 3. Saving where you don’t need to

You must agree that almost every one of us has been convinced of the correctness of the saying “a miser pays twice”.


Mistake # 1. Poor preparation

Poor preparation for moving, postponing important things until the last moment. Often people think that you can prepare for the move in just half a day. But this is not the case! As a result, it turns out that you have nothing really prepared for the beginning of the move. Do not delay the preparation until the last moment, take care of it in advance.

Tip: prepare 2 weeks prior to your move. Order a package, plan a moving date, and warn your neighbors and colleagues.

Mistake # 2. Delivery of packing materials for the move

Delivery of packaging materials directly to the beginning of the move is a completely wrong approach.

Tip: choose a package for moving. If the package is delivered in advance, you can pack any valuables, linen, dishes, documents yourself, and do not forget anything. If you have packing and time to pack, the preparation for the move will be calm and high-quality. Remember: 40% of moving is preparation for moving property. And the more things you pack yourself, the easier it will be to find everything you need at the new address.

Mistake # 3. Bad marking

A careless attitude to labeling can create real chaos. You just won’t remember what’s where. You will search, open boxes, move them from place to place, get tired and nervous.

The best option is to sign everything carefully. Don’t label the box only on the top or on one side, sign them on two adjacent sides (for example, on the side and on the top). The reason is obvious: the boxes will stand on top of each other in a limited space, and the labels will help you identify the right boxes without turning them over.

Mistake # 4. The absence of a plan of arrangement on a new place

You will not be able to tell movers where and what to put in a new place, because there will be no time for this. It is better to immediately determine what will stand where, and, accordingly, tell and show it with the help of a plan. Believe me, you will not have enough time for this. You should have a plan for putting things in a new place. Label the boxes according to it.

Tip: draw a plan on a piece of cardboard. Mark the rooms with colors and numbers. Also label boxes and bags.

Mistake # 5. Choosing a smaller moving van

Don’t try to transport your belongings in a smaller truck than you actually need. Because of this, you will not only have to make two trips, but everything else will take twice as much: time, worries, nerves, and money will be more expensive.

Check moving companies reviews before hiring. By entrusting the transportation of things to specialists with extensive professional experience, you will save yourself from unnecessary worries.

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