Commercial Ev Charging Stations And Their Benefits

Recently, commercial EV charging stations are being considered more than ever before. Recent surveys indicate that 71% of drivers may eventually consider purchasing an electric vehicle.

Because of this, commercial EV charging stations are an investment that companies should consider, as they attract many potential customers looking for places to recharge their vehicles, while reducing pollution in the environment.

Providing customers with commercial EV charging stations reflects that the company is committed to solving the lack of places to charge electric cars.

As an owner, it is ideal for your business to provide charging stations for electric cars. This will give you a great advantage over the competition and places that do not have a charging connection. It will also attract many more people, especially when they are recently switching to these less polluting vehicles.

The Cost of commercial ev charging station is something that every business owner should consider. While the price may be high, it should be thought of as a medium- and long-term investment, because as the world rapidly electrifies, offering this service to employees and customers is a way of demonstrating that the company is committed to the new technological era.

One of the multinational companies that is getting quite deep into this new era is Bridgestone, which is implementing commercial electric charging stations more and more and plans to install chargers in its stores across Europe within the next 5 years.

In this whole electric revolution, hotels, doctors’ offices, large retail stores and any place where people stop for any length of time is a potential target for installing one of these charging stations.

That businesses in train in this move of electric charging for customers and consumers, besides being a wise decision for environmental sustainability, is also a strong point to exercise smart marketing.

Innovation goes hand in hand with improvement, which is why companies that are not up to date with the latest technological and business trends are destined to be forgotten by customers and users.

Advantages of installing commercial electric charging stations

Some steps to build brand loyalty today is to have a more eco-friendly approach to the environment around us. Many companies are employing this way of looking at business to attract new customers and attract the best employees for their jobs.

Attracting new customers

Installing commercial electric car charging stations increases the number of potential customers the business will have, as they will use it and look for it to charge their vehicle.

The feeling among users regarding the availability of charging locations is very mixed. There are many drivers who believe that it is not always possible to find a suitable charging station when they need it most, especially outside major cities.

This is why a crucial point in attracting new customers is to install more charging stations in a wide variety of locations, from large cities to slightly more remote places.

Brand loyalty

Having a sustainable mindset in business has become a top priority in recent years. This goes along with the changing attitudes of consumers over time as well.

Recent surveys reveal that a company’s sustainable and ethical practices are the second most important reason for customer brand loyalty.

This reason for loyalty is second only to the quality of the product the business offers.

Attract more talented employees

If customers are looking for a place to charge their electric car, the chances are that employees are too. No one spends more time parked at a site than the people who work there.

Because of covid-19, it’ s accurate to say that many workers have had to return to the office, but with a change of location, causing them to drive farther, as many facilities moved during the pandemic.

Studies have shown that 91% of employers have received positive feedback from their workers when installing charging stations in offices, which is a great advantage and strengthens the employee’s commitment to the company.

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