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Despite strict restrictions on plant cultivation, cannabis & CBD products are now the second largest market in the world. Driven by the pandemic, the demand for legal cannabis and CBD products, which claim to improve well-being, is booming in the UK.

Is CBD oil safe? CBD is now recognised as permitted in the UK and most of Europe.

With relaxing effects and stress relief, CBD is all the rage despite questions about its effectiveness and long-standing regulatory failures.

CBD (cannabidiol), which is most often sold as extracts or oil, is one of the non-psychotropic active ingredients of cannabis, unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

CBD Products

CBD-based products are multiplying and taking different forms. These products have other characteristics, and their varieties make it possible to find the product that best suits you. To help you find the product that will be most useful to you, we have prepared a guide. Essential oil, cream, and capsules, you will find below CBD products in all their forms.

CBD Crystals

Pure CBD crystals are similar to icing sugar. They are, as their name suggests, “pure”, i.e. without any additives and often composed of more than 98% CBD. This is the most concentrated form that exists.

How to consume the crystals?

CBD crystals can be consumed in different ways depending on your expected benefits. They can be :

  • added to your diet
  • put it under your tongue
  • used to make an oil-based preparation
  • smoked after being mixed
  • CBD Crystals – Isolate

CBD Extracts

CBD extracts are becoming more and more popular. What exactly are they? Well, they are products that come directly from the extraction of CBD. They are called crumble, distillate, isolate, and press…

What makes them unique? They are very rich in cannabinoids, each with its own particularity. Isolate and distillate have a very high CBD content, while others, such as terps sauce, are rich in terpenes. These products are used for elaborating derived products or directly for consumption!

CBD Food

In the pleasure category, various CBD-based food products are available on the market: sweets, honey, and CBD-based cookies. Something to please all food lovers. These products’ concentrations and manufacturing processes can alter the CBD molecule, and these products are clearly more gourmet-oriented than therapeutic treatment!

CBD Creams

Also known as salves or balms, CBD creams are perfect for enjoying the benefits of CBD topically. All these products are applied directly to the skin. Regarding the areas of the body corresponding to your needs, we advise you to look for products specific to you (face, body, hands, etc.).

Laboratories and other brands have started to produce many CBD-based skin products. These products have been recognised for the treatment of problems such as:

  • acne
  • psoriasis
  • eczema

CBD Oils

CBD oil is the most common way to consume CBD. CBD in this form is extracted from the cannabis plant (flowers, leaves and stems) and then mixed with olive oil or hemp seed oil.

The qualities of the oils vary significantly from brand to brand!

Regarding its consumption, CBD oil can be consumed in different ways. The most common way is to consume it sublingually (i.e. drip a few drops under your tongue). However, mixing it with liquid or solid foods (e.g. on a sugar cube or a glass of orange juice) is also possible.

Finally, a significant criterion in the choice of CBD oil is the concentration in % of CBD. In general, CBD concentrations in oils vary from 2 to 20%. This plays a huge role in the effects of the same dose administered.

CBD Oil Capsules

CBD oils are also available in capsules. The content is similar to the classic CBD oils available in pipette bottles.

The capsule format has the following significant advantages:

  • not having the taste of CBD oil
  • It is possible to have a very precise and regular daily dosage.

The qualities of the oils vary enormously from one brand to another. To help you find your way around, we suggest you consult our guide to buying CBD oil in capsules.

CBD capsules come in different sizes depending on the treatment you wish to take. In addition, the dosage of CBD varies from 4% to 10% depending on the products in our range, so we advise you to take a good look at the characteristics of a product before buying it.

CBD Flowers

You can also legally buy CBD flowers at JustBob.shop. Infusions will allow you to benefit from the properties of hemp and CBD. They are often mixed with other aromatic plants.

The concentration of cannabidiol in your CBD flower herbal tea will be much lower than in oil, so the benefits will not be the same.

Please note that CBD and other cannabinoids are not soluble in water. The active ingredients of the cannabis plant are liposoluble, which means that they can be mixed with lipids (fats). Cannabis tea can be made in whole milk or by adding butter, cream, or even vegetable oil, such as coconut or cocoa butter. The more fat the mixture contains, the easier it is to extract the cannabinoids.

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