Best Pizza in Dubai: Taste Italian Food

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Dubai is a foodie’s heaven; no matter your food preference, you can find a restaurant that suits your taste buds. is a good guide to use for finding out the best delicious food restaurants during your travels. Pizza, perhaps the most popular comfort food in the world, has its flavorful presence here in Dubai. There are tons of restaurants offering pizzas, and we are on a quest to find the best pizza in Dubai, so let’s begin.


Carluccio’s has several branches across Dubai, and that proves its popularity. It has an extensive variety of pizzas that you can enjoy. Try the Margarita and Tartufo pizzas, which are super famous and taste really good. You can also try its equally good pasta. For reservations and to find its closest branch, you can visit Carluccio.

The Artisan:

Artisan is a classy Italian restaurant located in DIFC. It has an eclectic Italian menu that includes pizza. The guests love the truffle pizza here, which tastes divine. Other famous flavours include Nero and Bresola pizza, which tastes mighty good, too. Visit this place for a wholesome Italian treat. You will cherish the experience for days.


Luigia is famous all over Dubai for its Italian food, and that, of course, includes pizza. The pizza here is succulent and aromatic, and the menu presents a large variety to choose from. Try its Four Cheese, Margarita, and Truffaiola pizzas and feel the sensation of their flavours. Its thin pizza dough is just about crusty to deliver a buttery taste.


Next on our list of best pizzas in Dubai is Monno, located in Jumeirah. What sets Monno apart from others is the authenticity of its ingredients. The restaurant uses only Italian herbs and spices and arranged and curated sauces, especially from Italy.

Highlights from its menu include the Salamino di Wagyu Pizza, Burrata Pizza, Truffle Pizza, and many others. You will find many other Italian delicacies on the menu, too. The ambiance is cozy and elegant. Go there for a memorable Italian treat with your friends and family.


While pizza is decidedly an Italian food, many other countries have adopted it and added twists and takes on the original to create new varieties. One such country is the United States, which has global pizza chain restaurants, and the New York-style pizza is a unique pizza variety.

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If you love New York-style pizzas, then you better visit the Motorino. It serves decadent pizzas with crispy crusts and delectable toppings and sauces. Try its Margarita Pizza, Seafood Pizza, Truffle Pizza & 4 Cheese Pizza. Like other eateries on this list, it also serves other Italian dishes, which you can try as well.


If you want to enjoy a juicy bite of pizza dripping with cheese and sauces amidst a classy setting, then Alici is your place. Its plush interior and location, overlooking the Jumeirah Beach Residence, perfectly accompany its mouth-watering pizza delights.

There is a large variety but go for the classic Margarita and Burrata pizzas for a tasty and heavenly pizza treat.


For a swanky take on pizza, visit the Bella restaurant. Its recipes give a new look to pizzas, which looks fancy, and you might love some pizza purists, too. But we are giving it a nod because experimenting and experimentation in food paves the way to new dishes. And it tastes great, too. Visit this place for some innovative pizza flavors.

Moon Slice:

The last on our list of best pizzas in Dubai is Moon Slice. Like Bella, this restaurant has creatively twisted many pizza recipes and come up with its range of pizzas, which is an exciting take on pizzas. Try its artisan line of pizzas for this range, and if you are traditional by heart, then you are welcome to try the old-school pizzas here, which are also available.

Go for its Truffle Pizza, Chicken Pizza, and Garlic Pizza and enjoy the taste as well as the presentation. Find it on Instagram @moonslicepizza to get more information on its menu and book a berth there.

Pizza to the Rescue:

Be it the cheese, the generous spattering of toppings, or the aromatic dough, pizza has captured the imagination of humans worldwide. It is relished everywhere and is a comfort food for many for lunch, dinner, or even breakfast.

Dubai has its fair share of pizza restaurants, and we have presented our list of restaurants that, in our opinion, will more than satisfy your pizza cravings. Have a great time munching on pizzas.

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