The Benefits of CBD Chews for Dogs: A Comprehensive Review and Buying Guide

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Pet owners all aim to provide the best care for their furry companions. They prioritize their pets’ well-being by ensuring they receive a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and scheduled visits to the veterinarian. However, when it comes to alternative treatments, one option that stands out is CBD chews for dogs. This comprehensive review and buying guide will explore the benefits of CBD chews for dogs and provide valuable insights for making informed purchasing decisions.

What are CBD Chews? 

CBD chews are edible treats containing cannabidiol (CBD), a naturally occurring compound in cannabis plants. It is important to note that hemp-derived CBD products are non-psychoactive and considered safe for pets, unlike marijuana, which is known to induce psychoactive effects. CBD chews for dogs come in various forms, such as soft chew treats or crunchy biscuits. These products offer a convenient method of administering daily doses of CBD oil to your pet without administering drops or capsules directly into their mouths.

Benefits of CBD Chews for Dogs

The popularity of CBD among pet owners has surged due to its potential health benefits. These benefits include relief from inflammation, anxiety, pain management, seizures/epilepsy control, and cancer prevention/treatment in certain cases. Studies have also shown that CBD may help alleviate nausea associated with medical treatments like chemotherapy or radiation therapy in humans and animals. Additionally, many pet owners have reported improvements in their dogs’ overall well-being, such as increased energy levels throughout the day and better sleep quality at night.

Considerations when Buying CBD Chews for Dogs

Before purchasing any supplement or medication for your dog, it is crucial to conduct thorough research. Here are some key factors to consider when buying CBD chews:

  • Quality: Ensure you purchase high-quality products tested by third parties, such as laboratories or veterinarians. These tests provide transparency regarding the contents of each chew treat and verify adherence to safety standards during production, including the absence of contaminants.
  • Dosing: Like any medication or supplement, it is essential to determine the appropriate dosage for your dog based on its size and weight before administering any CBD product. Providing too much CBD could result in adverse side effects, while insufficient amounts may not yield any benefits. Additionally, check for an expiration date on the packaging, as expired supplements may lose their potency over time and become less effective.
  • Flavor: Many brands offer flavored CBD chews specifically designed to appeal to picky eaters. However, ensure that these flavors are derived from natural ingredients, such as real fruit, to avoid potential long-term harm to your pet if ingested regularly.
  • Cost: While cost is a significant consideration, it is important to note that higher prices do not always indicate superior quality. Take the time to compare prices from different online and offline stores. Consider dosage, flavor, quality, and budget constraints before deciding.


CBD chews can provide remarkable health benefits for your beloved canine companion, including reduced inflammation and anxiety levels, improved digestion, and better sleep patterns. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that many aspects of these products remain unknown. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult a veterinarian before introducing anything new to your pet’s diet routine to address potential allergies or other concerns. Additionally, consider factors such as quality control testing results, dosage recommendations, flavors, and cost when shopping for CBD chews. These factors will ultimately determine whether the purchase is a worthwhile investment in the short and long term.

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