After The Move-In Housewarming Party

Owning a home is a very special feeling and the owner will definitely want to share happiness with his close pals and relatives. It is for sure a cause of celebration. Throwing a housewarming party is a must, state the leading truck rental service providers. Visit here to get details of the professionals. 

Finally, you are at your new home. After all that hectic moving process and dealing with the adversities associated with house relocation, it sure is an achievement. Once you are settled at your new house and have well organized the place, consider inviting your favorite people and have a blast. After all, you deserve a celebration not only for owning a house but also for working hard for the move. After planning a daunting moving process, you are surely able to plan the warmest house warming party. To have a wonderful and long remembered housewarming party, try and plan your party even before your move and we can help you with it!

Here are some guidelines that you can use to throw a never forgetting party:

Plan Your Party Before Your Move

Plan your housewarming party even before you move. This will boost your energy of setting and organizing your new house quickly and perfectly. 


Prepare beautiful online invites and send them to your most favorite people. Your family and friends know that you have just gone through a daunting moving process and do not afford personal invites. Otherwise, also, it is 2020, people are more internet friendly. Use any social media app and send the invites. You can use any online application to design a beautiful and attractive party invitation. Include RSVP in your invite so that you know the exact number of people coming to the party. 


Although you might have just decorated your home after your recent move but preparing it for the housewarming party will still be needed. Let your guests have the best party experience at your place by keeping some important things in mind, like:

  • Stock your bathroom with enough on toiletries and essential which may include toilet paper, hand towels, and soaps. But don’t make a mess by keeping too much of anything.
  • Keep all your valuable belongings at a safe place to avoid any unpleasant situation during or after the party time.
  • Make sure your house smells good all the time. You can consider simmering herbs and fruits or use light scented candles from Devon Wick and even nice oil diffusers.
  • Don’t forget to keep in mind enough seating space for your guests. You can keep your heavy living room furniture aside and take out those dining table chairs and add some beanie bags for extra seating. 


A party of any kind is incomplete without music. So for a housewarming party, consider playing some light yet popular music in the background all the time. You can even consult some of your friends and create an all favorite party songs playlist to keep everyone happy and jovial at the party. If you have enough open space then you can even consider hiring a DJ to make it the most memorable party and dance night. 

But while doing any such party, make sure, you are not disturbing your neighbors with the higher noise levels.


Food is another big attraction to a party. Though people don’t attend housewarming parties for food still the tastier the better. It will be a topping to your already unforgettable party if your guests will relish the variety served to them. 

Don’t prepare food at home, this will create an unnecessary mess for you as you will be busy doing cooking all the time. Order from outside and enjoy the party. 

A lot of things will change as you move to another country. However, throwing a housewarming party is a great way to start new beginnings.

Some popular party snacks may include BBQ Meatballs, baked sweet potato bites, vegetable or fruit salad, chicken sliders, and assorted cheese items. Don’t forget to keep a lot of bottled water, rum punch, juices, and chosen liquor. 

Purpose of the Party

Don’t forget the real purpose of the housewarming party. Take your family and friends to show your new house. It is quite understandable that taking every individual for a house tour will not be possible. Take them in a group of 5 to 6 people for one house tour. This way you will be able to show them your new space without any hassle and they too will enjoy it.

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Don’t forget to capture all the precious memories that you are creating at the housewarming party. You can either ask a friend to take the responsibility of taking pictures or can even hire a professional to capture all the important and casual moments during the housewarming party. You can also compile all the photos taken by your friends and make a memory album. 

Moving is an extremely tiring process unless you use 1st choice moving, and planning a housewarming party after a move seems quite a task. It is much advisable to hire professionals for a move to keep yourself in good spirits as the movers will do everything for you including packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, and even organizing. 

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