A 2020 Guide To Bingo

It’s one of the most popular games across the country, and in recent years it has seen a revival of sorts. Watch most TV channels and there’s no doubt that you’ll soon see an advert for Bingo before too long. The fact is, there are huge possibilities available at Jackpot Bingo, and thanks to online casinos, more and more people are taking part in Bingo online.

Like with any other game, before you get too serious about it, it’s always good to learn the rules and how to win. It can be the difference between taking home the spoils and leaving empty-handed. Here, we will provide you with a guide to Bingo.

History of Bingo

The origin of Bingo comes from an Italian lottery game, before it traveled around Europe, attracting wealthy aristocrats. The Germans used the game as an educational tool to teach children maths and spelling.

The game crossed the Atlantic and reached North America in the 1920s, where it was known as “Beano”. The game’s time in America is where the name Bingo was thought of. American toymaker Edwin Lowe first saw the game when visiting a carnival in Georgia. Noticing how enthusiastic the players were and the fun they were having, Lowe decided to create a version of the game upon his return to New York City.

It was during a game with his friends when one friend won and accidentally shouted out “Bingo” that the name was invented and we’ve never looked back.

Different ways to win

In traditional 90-ball Bingo, you will have a card that has 15 numbers on it that are arranged in a nine-by-three grid. There are three ways to win in this format of Bingo – by completing one horizontal line, by completing two horizontal lines, or, for the jackpot, by marking off every number on your ticket.

On the ticket, the nine columns will have different numbers, with the first column featuring three numbers from 1 – 10, then the second column 11 – 20, and so on until the final column, which features numbers between 81 and 90.

This creates a great opportunity to win multiple prizes in one game and also encourages you to keep playing, even after the first two prizes are gone, as there is still the jackpot to be won.

Concentration is a huge part of the game, as if you don’t hear one of the numbers, you could lose a game which you would have otherwise won. Making sure you’re focused and not distracted from the game will help you massively.

Don’t forget the lingo

You can’t beat a bit of Bingo lingo, which involves giving nicknames to each of the numbers. The most famous numbers in Bingo lingo are: Legs Eleven (11), Unlucky for Some (13), Two Little Ducks (22), Two Fat Ladies (88), and Top of the Shop (90).

The lingo is a fun element of the game and helps to make Bingo more social, particularly as Bingo callers often try to encourage the players to join in calling out the numbers.

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