9 Interesting Things To Do With Friends At Home

Are you planning for a casual get-together for your buddies at your home? If yes, then you might be quite confused about what all things you should plan for them. Whether they are coming for a sleepover or spending an entire day at your home, you should ensure that they don’t get bored.

Your friends won’t ask you to arrange anything special for them, but you can plan some fun and entertaining activities so that you all can have a wonderful time with each other. You will also be able to create memorable moments with your friends and cherish them for a lifetime. In this article, you will find nine interesting things to do with friends at home, which will make it easy for you to choose them as per your choices.

1. Watch a movie with your friends at home:

Movies might be a favorite entertainment option for you and your friends. So if there is any movie you are planning to watch for a long time, then you can plan to create a theatre-type environment in your home and surprise your friends. You can download the movie from online sources or try to use online streaming options.

Plan to order your favorite pizza or popcorns so that you all can enjoy the movie just as you do in theatres. You can create comfortable seating arrangements for each of them and draw the curtains, so there’s darkness in the room. If you don’t have any movie on your watching list, search for the ones with funny or horror scenes so that you all can enjoy it.

2. Play games:

Playing games will be an interesting and entertaining thing to do with your friends. With a wide range of video games, board games, puzzle games, etc., you will never go out of choice for selecting a game. Playing such games will help you and your friends to engage with each other and create memorable moments from the funny battles.

You can also try the league of legends smurf where you can create teams and play against the opposite teams strategically. The best thing about playing games with your friends is that no one will get bored or tired of spending time together as everyone will be interacting with each other.

If you want a more physically challenging “video game” to play at home, you could try a golf simulator game. This type of game allows you to play golf in the comfort of your own home. The game lets you improve your golf technique. You don’t have to pay for a country club membership or rent an expensive golf cart every time. You also won’t have to tramp through a field in the hot sun just to play a game. These golf simulators are easy to install and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Just make sure to have a large enough space for you to swing!

3. Plan for a photo-shoot at your home:

There is no chance that you will leave your friends without capturing any pictures with them. To add something interesting to this activity, you can plan for a photo-shoot where you and your friends can try to pose weirdly and create funny moments. You can also bring the creativity out of everyone by asking them to mimic the outfits of your favorite cartoon or movie character.

Additionally, you can recreate your old-photos by trying the same poses. You can also create a room with a customized background to add weird and funny elements in your pictures. More importantly, don’t forget to capture some candid moments of your friends spending valuable time in your home so that you can cherish these moments for a lifetime.

4. Make arrangements for late-night gossips:

Gossips never end when your friends are around. So when they visit your home for a sleepover, you can plan certain things or arrange a special place where you all can sit together and enjoy each other’s conversations. You can either put tables in your backyard or choose your terrace to make the seating arrangements for all of them. Also, make sure to have some drinks and snacks to fulfill everyone’s midnight food cravings.

5. Plan a treasure hunt for your friends:

A treasure hunt is an excellent option for creating an interesting get-together with friends. You need to pre-plan the treasure-hunt before your friends arrive so that they don’t get any hint about it. You can place clues in front of them at the entrance and excite them as they arrive. You can ask them to solve the clues to find the treasure and create a mood for suspense.

6. Have a karaoke night at home:

If you love singing songs in weird tones with your friends, this would be the time to create beautiful memories from your singing performances. So set up the karaoke before your friends come over your house, and after having the food, ask them to create teams and sing songs of their choice.

You can also compete with each other and see who performs better. Try to search for popular songs and get the lyrics to have a memorable event. You can also record videos of these moments and share them in the group.

7. Play Truth or Dare:

Truth or Dare is an interesting game you can play with your friends. Everyone will try to challenge one another and ask to reveal their weirdest secrets, which will make your get-together interesting and engaging. But make sure that no one gets hurt while playing the game as everyone is present to enjoy the precious time with each other.

8. Dance together:

A small dance party must be a part of your casual get-together. You can play some funky songs and ask everyone to show their favorite dance moves. Try to put on some weird costumes and create enough space in the hall or on the terrace so that your friends can dance freely. Also, make sure to add some fun dance games so that your friends who are bad at dancing can also enjoy these moments.

9. Plan your trips:

Planning trips becomes difficult when everyone gets busy in their daily work schedule. So this get-together would be the best time to take advice from your friends and plan a fantastic trip that you have been waiting to do for a long time. You

will also get to know about their availability and what they would prefer to do on the trip.


Spending time with your friends at home will always leave you with countless memories, which will also strengthen your bond. Hence, make sure you pick these ideas and make your friends feel special while they visit your home.

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