8 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Baby Carrier

The birth of a baby is always great happiness for moms, but at the same time, personal travel blogs show that this could be a heavy load on the arms and spine. You have to carry your little treasure in your arms for many hours, and your arms and back begin to hurt as a result. But personal travel blogs show that you can help yourself and your baby by buying the best baby carrier! With it, any mommy can ease her daily routine.

Personal travel blogs know a lot about traveling with young children, and offer you eight tips for choosing the right carrier for your baby!

What Are Baby Carriers?

Today, you can find several types of baby carriers in mamma shops:

● Stretchy wrap

● Woven wraps

● Mei Tai’s

● Ring slings

● Buckle carrier

The editors of personal travel blogs recommend to have two or more baby carriers and change them depending on where you go with the baby and how much you will be out of the house. Consider the basic selection criteria that experienced mothers and personal travel blog advice.

Personal Travel Blogs Give You Best Selection Tips

We cannot advise you on a specific brand or product, but you can use these helpful tips for choosing your baby’s transporter.

1. The mom’s figure and the baby’s age. If you gained a little weight during pregnancy and your baby is growing fast, choose Stretchy Wrap, which is easy to stretch around your torso. Top-Mom recommends this because it quickly takes the right shape to fit your physical parameters.

2. Usage frequency. For moms who often travel with their baby, personal travel blogs recommend Buckle transporter. It looks like a small backpack where you can put a newborn. Such a transporter can be worn in a couple of seconds, saving a lot of time.

3. Outside temperature. If it is hot outside, choose a carrier made of lightweight, breathable fabric. Personal travel blogs reveal that it could be Mei Tai’s or Ring slings made of eco-friendly cotton or quality textiles. With such a carrier, both the mother and the child will be comfortable.

4. The age of the baby. If you are about to carry a newborn, choose a carrier that allows your infant to lie. Ring slings have an excellent option for this. For an older kid who is interested in looking around, personal travel blogs recommend a Buckle carrier, allowing you to carry a child face-forward.

5. Are you having a weepy and restless baby? Choose Stretchy Wrap, allowing you to firmly hold a baby on your chest for a child to hear your heartbeat and calm down.

6. Woven Wraps are best if you have a heavy enough child. You can evenly distribute the load on your back, and also avoid fabric stretching.

7. Laundry and care. It is essential to choose a carrier that is easy to clean in a washing machine. The authors of personal travel blogs recommend you carefully study the label before buying.

8. Price. There are no specific recommendations, because only you decide how much you can spend. However, the editorial office of personal travel blogs does not recommend saving on children. Choose carriers made of natural fabrics with environmentally friendly dyes.

As you can see, each mother chooses a carrier for her baby according to her criteria. The editors of personal travel blogs collected the best recommendations for you from various mom’s forums and social networks. They hope it would be useful to you!

Which carrier do you prefer? Share your reviews and recommendations with other moms!

Elizabeth Barlettah, a young 30-years old mom of a son and a daughter, an avid traveler. She visited 5 countries in 1 year with a child inside her and one in her arms. Knows everything about traveling with young children. It can soothe a crying baby in 10 ways. Goes along fine with disgruntled passengers on airplanes. Elizabeth shared her tips via Top-Mom.com.

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