8 Popular Events in Amsterdam You Must Attend

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The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, is a popular tourist attraction. It’s a nice city to just walk around in, with its multicultural population, magnificent architecture, and charming canals. And with numerous world-renowned museums, beautiful parks, excellent restaurants, excellent shopping, and a diverse range of hotels, it truly has something for everyone.

Amsterdam is also a city with a lot going on: every year, various very popular and world-famous events occur in Amsterdam. So, in this article, we’d like to share with you some of the most important events in Amsterdam that are well worth visiting!

1. King’s Day

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King’s Day, or Koningsdag in Dutch, is a celebration honoring the accession of the male king to the throne. It is one of the popular events in Amsterdam.

In April 2013, the first male Dutch monarch was welcomed. Previously, the residents of the Netherlands celebrated Queen’s Day. The activities for Queen’s Day and King’s Day are essentially the same, with minor differences.

This yearly celebration of the Dutch monarch’s birthday should be noticed since the streets of cities and towns in the Netherlands become vivid and colorful, providing a mind-blowing visual delight.

The best celebrations may be seen in Amsterdam, where the large celebrations are accompanied by various flea markets, music, picnics, and other activities that anyone can enjoy.

2. Chinese New Year

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This festival is frequently held at Amsterdam’s Dam Square and the Nieuwmarkt district. Every year, the Chinese New Year is one of the most essential celebrations in Amsterdam. It takes place near Nieuwmarkt and is pretty entertaining to see. It’s a must-see with firecrackers, illuminations, dragon dances, and delectable meals.

Moreover, it’s a spectacular festival combining family gatherings, food traditions, temple philanthropy, and red. A raw fish salad is considered to bring good luck and prosperity, and the superstitious will particularly appreciate Chinese New Year’s Eve.

3. Heritage Day- Open Monuments Day

The upcoming Memorable Amsterdam buildings and landmarks have been chosen for their outstanding architecture, interiors, exteriors, and cultural areas. Others are well-known for their works of art on them or are involved in particular trades or crafts.

During this event, monumental buildings in Amsterdam are available to the public, allowing them to visit and experience the city’s culture. This is your unique chance to see opulent canal mansions, castles, palaces, old farmhouses, and even old factories. During this event, almost 4,000 structures and historic sites are available nationwide.

4. Sail Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is a city that has water near its heart. The rivers IJ and Amstel, as well as their outstanding canals, have significantly influenced the city’s unique urban growth over the years. And, over the centuries, the city has played a significant role in international maritime. This festival occurs every five years and is not a yearly event.

Nonetheless, it deserves to be included on this list of the top festivals in Amsterdam.

For six days, Amsterdam is transformed into an archive ship manifest. You can have a great view of the IJ side. Around 20 to 30 massive ships and numerous smaller sailboats and motorboats will pass through Amsterdam’s harbor. It has grown to be Europe’s largest open-air marine event.

5. Amsterdam’s Light Festival

The Amsterdam Light Festival is an annual light festival held in Amsterdam. During the Amsterdam Light Festival, artists worldwide are invited to build detailed light displays along the city’s famous canals. The vessels are positioned along two paths.

Each path has its theme and collection of artworks. This spectacular may be enjoyed at night when light sculptures are installed in various spots across the city center. You can walk this path or take one of the Amsterdam Light Festival ships.

6. Jordaan Festival

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Jordaan Festival allows individuals interested in experiencing Amsterdam’s folk music tradition to do so. Jordaan Festival is about commemorating the neighborhood’s musical history in the most brilliant and colorful imaginable way. The festival features vibrant open-air performances by local Dutch artists, mass singalongs, and a playlist featuring famous classics, including numerous ballads.

The Jordaan Festival is a fantastic method for the Dutch to unite communities and celebrate their culture in the most colorful way imaginable.

7. Cannabis Cup

Cannabis Cup is one of the best festivals in Amsterdam that celebrates and promotes marijuana use and cultivation. This five-day event traces the history of this plant and how it evolved.

The festival was created in 1987 by an American activist, and it has since become a popular event among the hemp enthusiasts and stoners of this region. At this festival, attendees can sample a variety of cannabis samples, attend many legislative sessions, and savor the delectable sweets on offer.

8. National Restaurant Week

National Restaurant Week is one of Amsterdam’s major celebrations, celebrating all foodies. This is when visitors and residents may sample some of the most delectable foods at bargain prices.

Amsterdam’s best restaurants combine to allow guests to experience their best sellers without breaking the bank. The core concept of National Restaurant Week is straightforward. The festival aims to allow people to enjoy their meals, drink their hearts out, and have a good time without incurring additional costs.

Bottom Line

So, certainly, there are some fantastic events in Amsterdam! And if you don’t have set dates to visit Amsterdam, we’d strongly advise you to organize your trip around one of these events.

Remember that most of these festivals draw a large crowd to the city. So, if you intend to stay in Amsterdam, make your reservations as soon as possible!

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