7 Technology Trends To Watch in 2015

This... is already outdated. What will 2015 bring?

With trillions of dollars spent on research and development in the technology industry over the last several years, 2015 looks to be a banner year when it comes to advancements in this field. There are some huge opportunities that could present themselves in the near future. Here is just a sampling of what we expect to see in the coming year.

This... is already outdated. What will 2015 bring?
This… is already outdated. What will 2015 bring?

#1. More niche app development. There are many industries today that are still under-served by technology. People are using smartphones and tablets all the time, but they don’t have apps or software that can help them get their jobs done more effectively. Look for huge advancements in the health care industry, construction, and the solo entrepreneur in the portable tools that will help workers become more effective. From all in one invoicing applications to specific patient treatment guidelines, there’s no stopping what could be created in these niche fields.

#2. Mining even more big data. Virtually everything you do today is tracked, documented, and stored for some reason. Look for companies to present even more ways to mine that stored data so they can make sure that you get an advertisement for a pizza at the exact time the munchies hit every day.

#3. The death of the business PC. The hack on Sony is just a long line of security incidents that happened throughout 2014… and that’s just the beginning of what to expect. Data breaches at stores seem to happen every week. Our family has received 6 – count them 6 – new cards this year because of data breaches. To combat this threat, businesses especially are going to look at mobile platforms in 2015 to secure their data. Mobile devices are easier to contain and currently more restrictive to how they are accessed.

#4. The birth of Containers. If you haven’t heard of Containers yet, then you will in 2015. In basic terms, a container will help apps run smoother, crash less, and run across multiple platforms so that users always have the perfect piece of data that they need. By the end of the year, you may just see this tech become as popular as cloud services.

#5. Better wearables. Smart watches and fitness trackers are nice, but 2015 will see the rise of real wearables begin to take shape. Think Google Glass, but better. Real world applications that will help people keep track of appointments, dictate notes while traveling, and listen to their favorite playlists are just the beginning of what wearables can do. Track your sleep apnea? How about having wearable tech that can send your vitals directly to your doctor over a VPN.

#6. The expansion of virtual businesses. Companies like Fiverr have changed the way that many businesses view their corporate teams. As technology becomes more efficient, look for additional services to be transitioned towards the digital business sphere. Accounting, administrative assistants, and other niche platforms will let people finally earn what they’re really worth instead of what a business executive dictates they are worth.

#7. Beacons. If you’ve got a new iPhone, then you’ve already got iBeacon technology [I always read this as iBacon first though – waiting for that technology still]. Other companies, such as PayPal, also have beacons ready to go. In 2014 testings, 79% of people who received an in-store coupon or discount that was exclusive to the beacon alerts purchased something. As long as you’ve got Bluetooth on, you’ll be getting hammered with notifications for coupons, directions, and even recipes.

2015 may just be the year of the startup as well. With crowdfunding open to more business entities and equity crowdfunding a real possibility, people can actually invest in technology now with just a couple hundred bucks and potentially make money from their venture instead of pre-purchasing a new product. The future looks nice and bright for technology in 2015 – what trends do you think we’ll see?

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