7 Reasons Why SEO Is An Inevitable Need For Your Business

If you have only just gone digital with your business, then you probably don’t know about SEO yet. We are here to tell you that, no matter how hard you resist, SEO is where the future of digital advertising lies. Read on and find out why SEO for your business is an inevitability… whether you believe it, or not.

The Top 7 Reasons You Need SEO

Search Engine Optimisation has become the number one way to target your website towards your client base… but why do you need to do it? Let’s find out…

1 – Digital Advertising is Where It’s At

In the past, big brands had to go to TV, radio, and newspapers when they wanted to gain some reach. Nowadays this just won’t do. Digital advertising is a fraction of the price and goes farther than any other known advertising medium. Don’t believe us? Check out the facts and figures over at Smart Insights. Digital advertising accounts for nearly half of all current advertising. Make the switch and watch your business boom.

2 – SEO Works on a Local Level

If you thought having a bricks and mortar establishment was the way forward for your business, then think again! SEO can attract people in your area, off the street, in much the same way as a well-placed sign can. Applying local names and places to your site tailors it towards those in your area, and who are most likely to need your firm.

3 – Listing Positions Mean Custom

It is widely accepted that the top 3 positions in any search result are the ones most likely to get the business. That top position in any given search gets a whopping 33% of all business. Click through rates on the top three spots represent 70% of all business. If you aren’t in it, you aren’t catching it.

4 – It’s Quantifiable

SEO brings in measurable analytical data that can drive you forward, especially in the realms of advertisements. Additionally, if your ecommerce company uses Shopify, certain digital marketing companies offer Shopify SEO services specifically tailored to provide you with ways to increase traffic to your website. 

5 – With Measurable ROI

When you first make that investment in an SEO Glasgow service you do so warily. You don’t want to lose your hard-earned ad money on something that might not work. Time and time again SEO has proven to provide measurable returns with clear improvements in profit… you’re welcome.

6 – It Improves the User Experience

According to Forbes (who is rarely wrong), SEO brings an improved user experience. An SEO team will tidy up your website and make it easier to find. They also make it sleeker and tailor it to those more likely to use your product or service. Their doing this often increases performance and therefor human experience with company interactions.

7 – Better Traffic

Finally and arguably the most important reason to have an SEO specialist look at your site: it drives traffic to you. Traffic means sales and sales mean good business. When you think of it in these simplistic terms, there really is no reason not to at least try.

Good luck out there. Better business is only a few listings away,

Need Help With SEO?

Just because we might have convinced you that SEO for your business is the way forward; doesn’t mean we can guide you through it. Fortunately, the expert team over at Brad’s SEO services can! Head on over and find out what one of the leading SEO services can do for your business, today.

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