5 Reasons Tumblers Make Great Promo Tools

Tumblers are becoming a viable marketing tool for many companies today. They’re visible nearly everywhere you go. It’s not unlikely to see custom tumblers sporting a brand’s logo in restaurants and at retail locations all over the world. These cups are a great way to advertise your business and get some additional business to your company. For instance, you can offer discounts for bringing a tumbler with your logo back to the restaurant (obviously this is just one of many options). In other situations, you might be able to offer tumblr’s as part of a loyalty program. As many businesses figure out ways to incorporate branded merchandise into their plans, rest assured that tumblers will offer quite a bit of return on your investment for any marketing strategy. In this article, we’ll discuss five reasons customers love tumblers and how they can help you improve your marketing campaigns.


Customers love variety. It’s one of the reasons they tend to shop at different stores and look for different bargains throughout their shopping trip. Luckily, tumblers offer more variety than water bottles sometimes. People who want to have an insulated beverage container to keep their drinks hot, cool, and drinkable throughout the day are likely going to buy a tumbler. Since tumblers have straws and lids on most models, they’re the complete package when it comes to drinkware. They’re available in multiple different colors, as metal containers, as vacuum insulated containers, as plastic containers, and much more. You can offer your tumblers with your printed logo on them and get hundreds of tumblers for a lower cost if you buy in bulk. This means you can turn them around for a profit if you sell them and use them for giveaways for events to build relationships with your customers. So many options out there, tumblers provide one of the absolute best types of drinkware to use for advertising hands down due to their usefulness and customization opportunities.

More Leads

Getting people interested in your business comes down to finding compelling ways to convince them to come visit your organization, purchase from your online store, or get generally interested in what your company has to offer. When you get somebody interested in becoming a customer, that’s called the lead. Leads are the most important path to converting potential customers to becoming actual customers. Sometimes, customers become quite loyal to a company. That’s something that freebies such as custom tumblers and pens can help you accomplish. When you’re advertising and marketing efforts generate enough leads at a low cost, you can save money and hopefully increase your bottom line. Offering high quality, well-designed, and custom tumblers can help you create more impressions about your business, generate additional advertising from people using the tumblers in public, and ultimately result in garnering more leads over time.

Customization and Branding Opportunities 

If you’re looking for ways to give your customers something they’ll love, you simply can’t go wrong with custom tumblers as a promotional tool. Keep some in stock regularly to help your business get noticed by new clients and build relationships with older ones. If you’re wondering where the best place is to give them away are, you might try a loyalty program, at a trade show, making it a souvenir for a conference, or doing a social media contest with a custom tumbler as the prize. People love that sort of thing. Be sure to place your name and company logo on your special custom tumblers so people will associate it with your brand. This will build some brand awareness and general friendliness between you and your customers. 

Cost Effectiveness

Sometimes there’s no better way to keep your brand in the mind of your customers than having them use something everyday containing your logo. It works pretty well with coffee cups and mugs, so why shouldn’t it work with tumblers as well? The good news is, it does! It’s also very cost-effective. You’re not going to spend as much buying tumblers in bulk as you would other items. Plus, they’re interactive marketing, which gives you better ROI in general. You can send a message that creates plenty of positive impressions using the tumblers as a sort of additional type of advertising. If you’re looking for an affordable way to promote yourself without spending too much money, this can really help your cause.


It might seem obvious, but one of the reasons that people enjoy drinkware is because it gives them an opportunity to stay hydrated on the go. Tumblers are the best kind of drinkware for this because they’re incredibly versatile. Think about it for a moment. A Tumblr can contain hot liquid that stays hot, it can be used as a thermos, it’s ideal for cold beverages in the summertime, and many of them have straws/lits. They also come in many different sizes for those who prefer a little bit more to drink in there to go containers than others. Combined with their functionality as a traveling billboard for your customized and they’re flexibility as a drinking vessel, tumblers are essentially the pinnacle of drinkware and you should consider them to be a vital part of your next marketing campaign.

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