5 Reasons To Consider Using Desktop As A Service For Your Business

In the business arena, technology can often help you. You might need it for many things, and some niches couldn’t function without it at all. Desktop as a service, which some people abbreviate as DaaS, is one example of technology that many companies like to utilize in 2021.

What are some of the more compelling reasons why so many companies are embracing DaaS at the moment? Here are five of the top ones that these businesses often cite.

It Strains Your IT Less

One reason why you might want to become a Windows virtual desktop thin client, or why you may want to look into a similar service, is because having it readily available for your workers to use strains your IT less.

Most businesses have an IT department. That might be just one person, or it could be several, depending on your company’s size and complexity.

If you get DaaS, you can outsource most regular maintenance and management chores that you would typically assign to them. Another company, the one that created your DaaS, takes care of that.

This means you’re not overburdening your IT staff, and it leaves them free to work on other projects for you. They have fewer daily support tasks to worry about, and you can probably retain them longer without them growing frustrated and wanting to seek employment elsewhere.

It Means Fewer Security Risks

Security matters a great deal to companies right now, with cyberattacks on the rise. If you utilize a DaaS setup, you won’t have to worry, even if an employee misplaces their laptop or mobile device that has proprietary company information on there.

You’re hosting all your data on the cloud when you use DaaS. Security staff, compliance officers, and employees are all logging in through safe and secure channels.

This also sets up a more secure system for remote work. With so many companies moving to this model since the pandemic began, the security that DaaS offers is more attractive than ever these days.

You Can Better Manage Your Overhead

Cost management is something that matters to just about every company. If you can keep your overhead down, you can allocate your ready cash to other places within the company where you most need it.

DaaS allows you to continually scale any desktop requirements you have. You can scale them either down or up, depending on your user volume. Essentially, you’re only paying for the resources that you most need at any given time.

If your company can avoid any onerous up-front capital expenditures, that will always be better for you. Almost every time you use DaaS, you’re going to save money versus using a strictly on-premises work environment. Many companies see this as an antiquated business model.

Super-Fast Desktop Deployment

DaaS also gives you a highly functional desktop environment that’s easy for your workers to learn how to use. You can set that environment up and run it very rapidly, even if you’re not the most tech-savvy individual.

You can often have yours up and running much faster than if you went with a less efficient in-house infrastructure. You don’t have to build any on-premises PC environment components that would probably be a lot more costly and complex.

The new user onboarding process is also quite simple as compared to the on-premises alternative. You can hire someone and have them set up and using your DaaS within mere moments.

Fewer Licensing Costs

Most DaaS setups also allow you to use the most popular online tools without having to pay any additional licensing fees because you can seamlessly integrate them. For instance, if you have a Microsoft Enterprise agreement, you can also use the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop as part of that.

You can run both the highly popular Windows applications and Virtual Desktop, and you can also run accompaniments like Microsoft Azure. You will not have to keep paying for those additional licensing costs that can pile up so quickly every month. All you would need to do in those instances is pay for the Azure consumption.

Basically, the only reason why you wouldn’t want to use DaaS is that you have legal obligations or regulatory concerns, in which case, you might need to control and host your own desktop. Many companies don’t fit that mold, though, and if so, you’re better off looking into some of the more popular DaaS setups that are on the market today.

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