5 Newsletter Signup Form Examples To Grow Your Email List

You know the importance of asking for email addresses from your visitors if you want to grow your email list. But what do you say, and how do you say it? You might feel like your options are limited because only a small corner of the internet advises on newsletter signups, but never fear! Here are five newsletter signup form examples of growing your email list.

What Is A Newsletter Signup Form, And Why Do You Need One?

A newsletter signup form is a box that asks for the email address of the visitor. They can then be added to your newsletter, and you can send them content about your business or advice. Having a newsletter can help immensely in growing your business by bringing you new leads, turning those leads into customers, and gaining back even more customers with highly-targeted campaigns.

Common Tips For Creating Newsletter Signup Form To Grow Your Email List

The newsletter signup forms have to have a clear call-to-action and be simple and easy to fill out. The content you send them will probably make up the majority of the form, so make sure you don’t box yourself in with too many options. Make the newsletter signup form something visitors can easily subscribe to our newsletter examples, whether it be your business targets or something else entirely.

Create A Visually Appealing Form

Designing a newsletter signup form that is eye-catching does help grow your email list. If the visitor is more interested in filling out the newsletter signup form, they are more likely to do so. Make it clear what benefits they get from signing up for your email newsletter examples, and make sure it stands out on your page.

Be Clear On The Benefits Subscribers Get From Signing Up

While giving people the option of signing up for your email newsletter examples is great and all, it’s not enough to simply include this as a form on your website. You need to give people something in return, whether exclusive discounts or tips and advice from experts in the field. Letting people know how they can benefit from signing up can help encourage more people to submit the form and even pay for something.

Use Social Proof To Encourage Signup

Have you ever heard of social proof? It’s a concept that says, “If many other people like this thing, I’ll like it too. If lots of other people like this thing, I’ll probably even want to get involved.” Social proof is a great way to encourage signups and simplify creating a newsletter signup form examples.

Get Your Timing Right

Getting your timing right is a big part of creating the perfect newsletter signup form examples. You want the visitor to be able to easily fill out your newsletter form and not have it take too long for them to do so.

Always Confirm Signup With A Welcome Email

Regardless of the type of newsletter form examples you use, you need always to confirm that they have signed up with a welcome email. These emails are usually sent to your customers just after they complete the form.

5 Newsletter Signup Form Examples To Grow Your Audience

Here are five newsletter signup form examples of growing your email list.

Display The Product And Offer A Bonus – House Of Lacuna

In the first example, the product is the bonus, which is particularly good. In addition to having a bonus for your lead to get them to sign up for their first newsletter, you also have a special limited offer for only one day of the month. It’s a clever way not only of encouraging people to sign up but also of making sure that they do so quickly. People want something in return for signing up, which means they will be more likely to do so.

Offers Subscribers A Relevant Freebie – The Mrs. Book

A great little newsletter signup form for a book is one with the offer of a free book. This stands out because it clarifies what you’re offering and hints at a major benefit, which will encourage people to enter their email addresses.

Offers Some Immediate And Tangible Help – Nicole Bensen

This is another great way of offering an immediate benefit in exchange for the contact details of your visitors. After all, most people wouldn’t mind a freebie or two, especially if you offer it upfront instead of making them wait for something down the line.

Adding A Testimonial From One Happy Subscriber – Rachel Rainbolt

Giving your newsletter subscribers the opportunity to show off their success and benefit others is a powerful way of encouraging signups. Allowing them to be proud of their achievements and helping others do the same while growing your business is a win-win situation.

State Upfront How Often Subscribers Can Expect To Hear From Them – Color & Chic

Showing off your expertise and knowledge by adding an introduction informing new subscribers of the frequency of emails is a good way of encouraging signups. If you’re going to provide content for your customers, you might as well make it worth their while by ensuring that they want to hear from you.

The Bottom Line

While it might be tempting to think there are limited options for newsletter signup forms, it’s just not the case. You can encourage people to sign up in so many ways. Look at your business and consider what you have to offer and how you can show it in exchange for an email address.

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