5 Best Sites To Lookup A California License Plate For Free

Are you a California resident? Among other things you would like to own, a car is on the list. In some cases, you are obligated to buy a used car, and that needs some research. Apart from what the seller tells you, you may want to know more about the vehicle by checking on the license plate.

A license plate lookup will give you more information about the vehicle. Such lookups are also essential when you want to know more about that strange car parked outside your house for hours.

As you seek to fulfill the need to check on a license plate, here are the five best websites to perform a California lookup for free.

VinPit License Plate Lookup

One of the best websites to perform a quick California license plate lookup involves VinPit. This website does not need any signup, payment, or filling survey questions to get the information you need.

That is why millions of US residents load it on their mobile devices and computers when it’s time for a license plate check. The website covers 50 states in the US, and California is one of them.

You may be wondering where the information comes from, but VinPit has answers for that. It depends on the massive database from the DMV and other reputable sources such as car dealerships and insurance companies.

So, if you have a Ford to check up on before hitting the California roads, VinPit will provide everything you need to know about it. VinPit fulfills the actual reasons why you will want to check on a license plate in California.

Some of them include:

  • Knowing more about a used car before buying it
  • Reports about bad driving
  • Crime history
  • Settling court disputes if they involve the car with the license plates
  • Personal reasons

As you check on the license plate, you need to be on the right side of the law. In some regions, it’s prohibited to check on a license plate without involving the DMV. That is why the online platforms issue you with limited information.

Even with the limitations, VinPit gets you valuable information. All you need is the license plate digits to check. After feeding it on the website, you get the following:

  • Vehicle’s technical specifications
  • Whether the car is safe and roadworthy
  • The current market value
  • The car’s fuel efficiency
  • Warranty information
  • Any checks carried out on the car
  • Mileage information
  • Accidents and crime history
  • Ownership details
  • Etc.

It’s possible to download the details to your local storage for future use. You get all these services for free, and VinPit will not ask anything in return. There are also safety concerns when you run a license plate lookup on this website. The team behind the platform ensured that you get no traces after the checkup.

So, any license plates fed on VinPit will disappear after 24 hours. Furthermore, anyone who looks up the same number plate will not get information about the previous check. Another reason why the website wins the favor is due to the friendly interface with everything well labeled.

It’s also compatible with all browsers, whether you are on mobile or computer. It, therefore, presents you with a suitable way to check on license plates no matter where you are.

How to Lookup a California License Plate Using VinPit

Step 1: Get the license plate digits and write them down or take a picture with your smartphone.

Step 2: Go to your browser and visit the VinPit website. After loading, click or tap on the license plate lookup link in the top navigation section.

Step 3: Enter the plate digits in the input field provided and click on the ‘Start Search’ button.

Step 4: You will see the report with all the details. If you need to use it offline, click on the download button.


SearchQuarry also offers free license plate lookup services for California residents. All you need is the license plate details to use the web-based platform. It’s possible to use it on any mobile device if you are connected to the internet.

The lookup will provide you with details such as the vehicle’s info, status, history, recalls, safety, and whether it’s SMOG certified. So, it’s a reputable website if you want to learn about the unknown car before driving it or reporting to authorities if it looks suspicious.

The information comes from the California DMV department and other recognized sources.


Whether you ride a motorcycle or a truck in California, VINCheck.Info can tell you if it’s safe for the road or not. It’s also web-based which means you can use it anywhere as long as you are connected.

It’s completely free to use this platform, and the information you get is substantial. The report you obtain will have the car’s current market value, equipment details, specifications, safety details, fuel efficiency, warranty, and the NMVTIS reports.

With VINCheck.Info, you can check all the number plate types, from standard to legislative types.


The CA.Gov is a DMV website for California residents with vehicles. It offers registration services for all types of license plates, which means it’s also an excellent place to check on the number plate too.

The database here is enormous and involves the special plates too and those allocated to the disabled. You can therefore obtain plenty of information about an unknown plate by requesting the information on the website.

Find By Plate

The last of the five websites for a California license plate lookup is Find By Plate. What you need are the license plate digits and an internet connection. Once you input them on the website, you get all the information related to the vehicle.

It’s possible to learn whether the car is safe, its registration details and if it’s involved in crime or not. Find By Plate reports about impaired driving or accidents, and it lets you know through the details that pop after the quick lookup.


With five websites at your disposal, you can use any of them to check on California plates. VinPit is quite resourceful, and you can start there. The other sites also pose as helpful for verification purposes, and you can utilize them to see if you get the same information.

Next time you see an unknown car or are persuaded to buy one, rush to one of the websites with the license plate’s digits and know more about it. As you do so, remember to abide by the law and ensure that you can do random license plate lookups.

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