4 Signs Your Home Needs A Sewer Camera Inspection

During a house inspection, the most common things people look for are things that are easily visible. Sewer lines are probably the last thing you’d think about. But trust me it’s very important for the smooth functioning of the drainage networks of your house.

It’s advisable to regularly get your sewer lines inspected by a professional, especially when you’re constantly troubled by clogged or slow drain issues. The most common way to go about it is a Sewer Camera Inspection.

You might feel that it’s unnecessary to get your sewer lines inspected, but to ensure proper health of your loved ones and to control long-term damage, it’s good to get a sewer camera inspection done.

If you’re still unsure about moving ahead, we’ve mentioned 4 signs which helps find out if your house needs a sewer camera inspection.

1. If Your House is New or too Old

If you’ve recently bought an old house, it’s best to get a sewer camera inspection done as soon as you can. 

If the surrounding area by your house has a lot of trees then it’s best to get sewer line excavation done by a professional who can ensure there are no roots invading your sewage pipes. Small roots could penetrate and get stuck in the sewer pipes which might lead to clogging or blockage of water flow.

2. Regular Clogging and Slow Drainage Issue 

CDL blocked drains experts tell us if you’re constantly troubled by clogged drains, there’s a high chance that your sewer line needs repair. If water moves very slowly from drains or there’s gurgling sound, it could be a sign of a sewer issue.

If you don’t want to find yourself in a messy situation, it’s best to get a sewer camera inspection done. 

You don’t want dirty water running down your floors and causing any trouble. Constant clogging also poses a health hazard issue and can cause diseases like diarrhea, malaria, etc.

3. Stinking Toilets or Sinks 

A very common sign to look out for is that pungent and stinking smells from your drains. If there’s any foul smell persistently coming from your drains or right outside your house, it’s likely a sewer line problem. 

You should avoid throwing any solid items down your drains, since they might get stuck and cause nasty smell. These could also result in overflowing of your sinks and toilets. If you still experience constant smell, you should call for a sewage camera inspection immediately to avoid severe problems.

4. Low Water Level or Water Pressure 

Another sign for an emergency inspection is when you notice low water levels frequently. Even if the water level is high on a day and low on the next day, it’s a sign of clogged sewer lines. You would want your sewer line inspected immediately to identify the definite cause.

In case your faucets have low water pressure, it’s advisable to get it repaired or replaced. If repairing or replacement doesn’t help solve the issue, you should hire professionals to inspect the sewer line.

We strongly suggest if you notice any of these signs, please ensure to get a sewer camera inspection done at the earliest.

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