4 Easy Steps To Fix Your Internet Connection

When your internet connection fails, reactions can range significantly. For some, it’s a minor inconvenience that lets them ease up on bad habits and break away from untrustworthy social media sites. However, for those who work online or need the internet to stay in touch with faraway loved ones, it can be a more brutal sensation.

For many people, access to the worldwide web is essential, so any errors or breakages that occur need to be resolved quickly. But what’re the easiest solutions to this all-consuming problem?

Well, here’re 4 easy steps to help you fix your internet connection.

Checks and Double Checks

Obviously, when your internet connection goes down, there could be a few dozen causes behind the outage. Before you start making big changes in your fixing process, perform your basic checks first; did you accidentally press your keyboard key to turn your wireless adapter off? Are all your cables plugged in firmly?

When there is an internet outage you have to think is it simply a case of bad weather outside? What lights are blinking on your router? Assess these things first, as it’ll at least help you take the appropriate course of action thereafter – which is sometimes doing nothing if there’s just a storm outside!

Move Closer to the Router

If you’re using Wi-Fi, it might just be that you need to move closer to your router. Your signal can be disrupted if you’re too far away, especially if there’s a thick and/or reinforced wall between you and your modem.

Get a little closer and see if that sharpens things up a bit and refines your service! After all, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings as this can influence your connectivity too. However, if your current connection continues to be unreliable despite the adjustments, consider switching providers where you can get fiber internet. By exploring your options, you can enjoy a more reliable and faster connection, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted browsing experience.


You likely know this already, but when any technological fault occurs, try turning everything off and on. Both your device and router should be momentarily powered down and given a moment to recoup.

After the shutdown, count to twenty and turn everything back on; hopefully, this will give everything a bit of a rejig and give all the software and processes a chance to correct themselves automatically.

Replace Components

It only takes one component to malfunction for your internet to buckle and crumble. Even one damaged cable is enough to tear things asunder, so it’s important that you regularly review the condition of your equipment. If you spot anything that’s damaged, it’s often irreparable as far as internet components go. Head over to RS Components and discover a suitable replacement. Sometimes, fixing the whole means replacing the odd part or two!

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