3 Reasons To Start Playing Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer video games are getting more invested, are produced in greater numbers, and generate more revenue than their single-player counterparts. While single-player games still offer unique experiences and rich stories, it is undeniable that multiplayer games have overtaken them in most areas, and things won’t change for a long time. If you’ve missed the multiplayer train, this article goes in-depth into the aspects that make multiplayer unique and exciting, and why you should try out different multiplayer games.

A New Experience

If you haven’t played a multiplayer video game in a while, you might be surprised by the breadth of unique gameplay styles and design choices will take your breath away. From large survival games to PvP (person versus person) matches in a variety of games, the experiences you have with multiplayer are much more varied and interesting than single player.

As we’ve mentioned before, you should also take the amount of investment and research that goes into predominantly multiplayer video games into account. The biggest games today all feature various multiplayer modes, and they are usually really polished – so if you want to get the best gameplay and experience what the latest technologies have to offer, you can’t miss out on it.

Before massive multiplayer online (MMO) games, there was no game that let you experience in-depth stories, creates guilds and clans, and chats and interact with millions of players all over the world. That’s why millions of people have started pouring hours each day into games like the League of Legends and World of Warcraft. You can sign up easily for League of Legends accounts NA or EU and start trying out the game right away.

A Sense of Community

Throughout the short history of video games being in the public eye, gamers have often been depicted as antisocial, introverted, solitary people that don’t feel comfortable dealing with the wider world, but we all know that couldn’t be further from the truth. Although most gamers love to sit down and play a long single-player gaming session once in a while, the majority of them love mingling with other people, especially those who share their hobbies and passion with them.

Many multiplayer video games have features allowing you to communicate with other players, form groups and teams, and even add them as friends and directly message them.

These tools allow players to group up into teams that have a lot in common and can enjoy playing the game together. It doesn’t stop at the games, either, as you can find flourishing communities online around certain video games, and some of them are really friendly and helpful, wanting to share their love for a videogame with others. That’s why if you were bothered by the solitary nature of some videogames and love participating in communities, multiplayer video games are for you.

We’ve mentioned MMOs before, and they are at the forefront here, too. Creating League of Legends accounts and hopping in a server, you should see thousands of players from all over the world ready to chat and play. It’s an interesting mix of offline and online cultures that people fall in love with.

AI Hasn’t Caught Up

You might be surprised to learn this, but AI still hasn’t caught up with humans, and while AIs in video games have come a long way and aren’t as easily exploitable as before, they still have severe weaknesses and can be repetitive.

This makes for uninteresting gameplay where you’ll hardly be surprised, much less challenged, once you get good enough in a video game, and there’s no solution to this. Upping the difficulty usually just changes the damage you take without changing the playstyle of the NPCs, sometimes to an unfair degree, and most gamers aren’t satisfied with it.

That’s where multiplayer comes in. With real players on the other side, your games will become much more interesting. The enemies are more responsive and much smarter, and you’ll be experiencing new strategies and play styles in most games.

Some video games have smart matchmakers set up where you’ll only play with players with similar skills. This means you won’t be overwhelmed by more powerful and skilled players and you won’t feel bored playing with noobs. If you are tired of the set-in-stone AI responses, multiplayer is an interesting avenue to explore.

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