3 Advantages Of Senior-Specific Car Insurance

One of the things which most seniors truly appreciate is the availability of all those perks that come along with being a senior, and rightfully so. After years of working at least five days a week, it’s about time you are able to cash in on some of that hard work. When it comes to car insurance, those perks make it possible to get the coverage you need at prices lower than you have been paying for many years. 

1. Discounted Premiums for Seniors

Let’s start with the discounted premiums only available to seniors. Working with the American Association of Retired Persons, AARP, car insurance from The Hartford has premiums that are only available to members of the program. However, that isn’t the only advantage of a senior auto insurance policy through an AARP partner. You can add other seniors to your policy and they, too, will get senior discounts. This is often the case when seniors have other senior family members in the same household who also drive, another benefit of car insurance from The Hartford.

2. Availability of Additional Senior Perks

One of the things most drivers strive for is an accident-free, safe driving record. They try to maintain a clean driving record with their state in terms of tickets and collisions. Consider, for just a moment, if you’ve been driving for many years without a mobile infraction or accident. You will automatically qualify for a safe driver discount with your insurer, but being a senior, there are other benefits as well. 

Often seniors will not drive the number of hours or miles that younger drivers do simply because they are retired. It is no longer necessary to travel ten or more miles each day and one of the discounts drivers of any age usually get is when driving low annual miles. This discount is senior-specific in that actuaries price policies based on the average of low miles most seniors now drive.

3. Travel Discounts through Partners

Other perks alluded to above would be travel packages you can often get through your senior automobile insurance provider or their partners. When you buy car insurance from an AARP partner, you can seek travel packages discounted for their senior members. 

This is an amazing advantage simply because traveling isn’t always affordable to those on a retirement budget. After all, they are no longer working so there is no way to get in a bit of overtime to save for that summer vacation to visit the grandkids. With senior travel discounts, it’s even possible to spend a couple of weeks in sunny South Florida because you can cash in on those senior travel discounts.

It’s Time to Cash In

Being a retired person may not be all that you thought it would be, but there are some aspects that make it quite nice to be a senior. All those benefits you could never take advantage of in earlier years are finally available to you. It’s time to enjoy those perks, so let’s get going!

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